Quote of the Day – Use What Talent You Possess

Inspirational Quote of the Day

Hi there my beautiful lovelies hope you are doing well and staying safe. Today I will share with the inspirational quote of the day – Quote of the Day – Use What Talent You Possess

Inspirational Quote of the Day

I found this quote very interesting. In our lives, we had to second guess ourselves a lot. I know that I for one, would constantly tell myself, may be I am not good enough to do this. As the woods would be silent if only the best singing birds sang, same way, this universe would be silent if we left it for the best. Each of us has a roll to play in this universe. We are just part of a big picture. In genetics variation give rise to viability. Same way, in this universe variation in talent gives rise to a beautiful viable place to thrive in. Let us not get discouraged by our ability to do something. Let us thrive because of our differences. Together we make this world and life beautiful.

My dear lovelies! I would love to hear what you think about this quote? How would you interpret it? Please leave your response in the comment below. I look forward to hearing your perspectives.

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