Style in a Budget

Hi There! Hope you had a great weekend. Like me, you guys might be worried about the current economics condition of our country. I for one, don’t want to let […]

Taylor Gourmet in Washington D.C.

Hi There! Hope you are having a start of a wonderful weekend.Today,  I will talk about my experience eating from a menu from Taylor Gourmet, a Philadelphian gourmet fast food type eatery […]

The Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

Lips: If you have dry lips don’t forget to exfoliate your dry lips with a clean disposable mascara wand for a smoother lipstick application. However, first make sure that you […]

Are You Ready For the Fall?

Hi There! I know it that the temperature is still in the 90s here in the east coast. However, summer is almost over and kids are ready to head back […]

Keeping it Simple but Elegant

Hi there! I know it has been a long time. First of all, I want to invite you guys to follow me on my instagram account @allaboutme3181. It is basically telling […]