Style in a Budget

Hi There! Hope you had a great weekend. Like me, you guys might be worried about the current economics condition of our country. I for one, don’t want to let that impact my sense of fashion. Hence, I spent some time online, looking at places like Forever 21 and H&M to do some homework to see how can I keep my sense of fashion in budget. This is what I have so far. Let me know, if you have creative ideas that you would like to share.

H&M Sleeveless turtleneck Top ($10)hmprod H&M Flared High Jeans ($50)hmprod (1) H&M Denim Jacket ($30)H&M Denim Jacket ($29.99)

The above outfit gives you the style you need at a reason and affordable price. I have mention in a previous blog, stripes, high-waisted pants, and flares are going to be a major major trends this fall, and you can show off great fashion trends with breaking your wallets.

Forever 21 Mock Neck Side Slit Top ($23)
Forever 21 Mock Neck Side Slit Top ($23)

Forever 21 High-Waisted Flare ($28)
Forever 21 High-Waisted Flare ($28)

The above outfit is not only fun and cost just little over $50. I for one find this style fun and affordable. I love it’s retro look of the side slit top. The high-waisted flare jeans are is hot right now and it cost less then $30.

Forever 21 Layered Crepe Mock Neck Top ($18)

Forever 21 Frayed Chevron-Patterned Skirt ($28)

The above outfit is not only fun and cost under $50. The top has a fun layered look contrasted by the frayed chevron-pattern of the skirt. The outfit is fun and is affordable at the same time.

H&M Off-the-shoulder Top ($10)
H&M Off-the-shoulder Top ($10)

H&M Pants ($35)
H&M Pants ($35)

The above outfit cost under $50. The top is stripped with fun with off-the-shoulder top and pairing with jogging style pants with patched pockets. You pair it with a nice heels and wallah, you a wonderful stylish outfit that will not break your wallet.

Forever 21 Striped-Trim Ribbed Dress ($25)
Forever 21 Striped-Trim Ribbed Dress ($25)

Last but not least is the striped-trim ribbed dress which cost only $25. You are dress it up with heels or down with sneakers. I had a great time finding these fashion trends under budget for you guys and I hope enjoy it. I would love hear about your budget fashion styles. As for me, due to my Muslim upbringing, I would wear a black T-shirt under the mock neck side-slide top, like the textured knit crop top ($5). I would pair my chevron patterned skirt with embroidered lace boxy top ($18). I would pair the jogging style pants with jersey top in natural white stripe ($10).  Finally I would add some color to my dress with organic cotton-blend legging in chestnut ($6). Hence, there is budget fashion for every style. I would love to hear about your budget fashion find.

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Taylor Gourmet in Washington D.C.


Hi There! Hope you are having a start of a wonderful weekend.Today,  I will talk about my experience eating from a menu from Taylor Gourmeta Philadelphian gourmet fast food type eatery located in Washington D.C. I have not have the pleasure of personally eating eating at one of their locations but I have ordered online from them few times.

History: Before I describe my experience about their food, let me give some about their background. This unique place was started by two Philadelphian buddies in 2008 grew up on what they called “the flavors of Philadephia’s 9th street Italian market and hoagies served by countless mom and pops shops throughout the city”. They brought their unique Philly hoagies and salamies to the H Street NE corridors and few more locations for us to enjoy. Their famous clients include none other than our current First Family.


FoodI have had the pleasure of ordering online from them few times with my co-workers. My very first experience was their famous Ben Franklin Hoagies. It has a choice of breaded or grilled chicken with marinara sauce and sharp provolone cheese. What can I say about a their hoagies. It’s humongous, or at least for me. It’s a 16″ hoagie. I had to cut the hoagie into half and leave the other half for later. It’s great. My friend, who is a native Philadelphian said that Taylor had the closest authentic Philly Cheese steak that she has ever tasted outside of Philadelphia and that in itself is a huge accomplishment in my sense.  Now for their Rissotto Balls. These are fried mozzarella balls served in marinara sauce. The first time I tasted this appetizers, I fell in love them and every time I order from this place I have to have my rissotto balls in my order. These mouth watering fried cheese has the perfect amount of cheese with a crunchy outside. Now, if you in a food for salad there are plenty of options for you here. I for one love their Love Park Salad with arugula, pastina, cherry tomatoes, sweet basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, and Taylor vinaigrette. I love adding grilled chicken to my salad for extra protein. This mouth watering salad has the perfect combination of favors to play a perfect harmony with my taste buds.

Locations: Taylor Gourmet has locations in H Street, NE, between 4th and 5th Street K St NW, in Dupont Circle, and in Penn Quarter in Washington DC. It’s Virginia location include Fairfax and Ballston, Arlington locations. It’s also located in Bethesda neighborhood of Maryland.

Taylor, started by two Philly buddies brings in unique Philly tastes to the Washington Metro area. If you live near any of their locations don’t forget to check them out or order online. Hope you enjoy reading this blog as much I have enjoyed writing it. Don’t forget to follow me at instagram @allaboutme3181. or visit my Facebook page.

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The Beauty Hacks You Need to Know


Lips: If you have dry lips don’t forget to exfoliate your dry lips with a clean disposable mascara wand for a smoother lipstick application. However, first make sure that you just apply some lip balm over your lip first in order to give your lips some slip, so it is much easier to slough away any flaky skin. Second, if you do not want lipstick on your teeth like me you can keep your lipstick off your teeth by sticking your clean pointer finger in your mouth, wrapping your lips around it, and then pulling your finger out. Any lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth will be left on your finger. Third, in order for you to make your lipstick last longer just apply your favorite lipstick and just hold a tissue over your mouth. After that dust a translucent powder over it. A small amount of the powder with transfer onto the tissue this way, locking in your color.

EyesIn order to make your eye shadow color to pop, first add a nude shadow base. This way the light reflect of the base shadow revealing the true color of the top eye shadow you are wearing. You want an easy way to apply eye liner? Use a lash curler to apply your eyeliner. Simply line the curler with eyeliner, curl your lashes and you’re done! It is that simple.

Face: In order to apply a concealer effectively, if you apply your foundation first, then you’ll find that you don’t need to use as much concealer. However, if you apply concealer first, you’ll remove most of it while applying your foundation. When concealing pimple, I find it more effective to apply a green concealer first and then applying a concealer of my own skin tone. In order to get a boost of hydration and glow in my skin, I spray my skin with Vitamin C Spritz (See Body Works Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz for $19). This only give my skin a nice glow but a keeps it hydrated as well. You can also apply rose water (Amazon for $9.99). In addition I apply Tatcha Supply Rich Silk Cream (Sephora for $150) which makes the foundation go in easily and my face do not dry out easily. You can get the travel size for $3o at Tatcha website. As for contouring I use my makeup brush handle as my guide to find my cheekbone when contouring. Makeup looks more natural this way. Trace a number 3 along the perimeter of the face, starting with the center of the forehead then tracing along your hair line. You then move down the middle of the ear follow by the hollows of your cheek, sweep back towards the ear and continue down alone the jawline. Wala! You just traced a number three. Just repeat until you get your desired look and buff the brush after to trace along to until blended. You now trace number 11 along the sides of your nose your give definition to your nose. In order to create perfect highlight just trace number 3 around the eye in one continuous sweep. Just start at the middle of the forehead just above the eyebrow and sweep all the way around the temple to the top of the cheekbone. Then just repeat with the brush to blend. Don’t forget to add hightlight tracing number 1 on the bridge of your nose and little bit on your chin as well. You are now all set.

Hair: If you want to prevent split end and breakage from your hair make sure your hair is well conditioned and lubricated. Leave-in condition will not weigh your hair down and keep your lubricated at the same time. When heat to style your hair make sure that it is well protected. Make sure you use a heat protection product to protect your hair. Check out Allure magazine’s Top 10 heat protection products under $20. If you are like me and do not want to blow dry then try out Bumble and bumble Don’t Blow It (Sephora for $14) . This is an amazing product that gives me the perfect texture and definition that need for my air-dried hair. An for the days you want to go with the shampoo try the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (Sephora for $20). This is the best dry shampoo I have ever use so far. It makes my hair feels  light and fresh. My friends could not tell that I did not wash my hair. I am happy.

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Are You Ready For the Fall?

Hi There! I know it that the temperature is still in the 90s here in the east coast. However, summer is almost over and kids are ready to head back to school and college students are ready to head to their fall semester. All you ready to embrace the fall season fashion wise. I know I am. It is know that easy. I will tell you all you need to prepare for the fall season to look trendy and embrace the season with head on in style. I went through the latest issue of Vogue, Elle, Glamour just find the fun fall fashion for you.

Blazer: First of all, blazer adds a polished to any look to fall wardrobe. I love wearing blazer with blazer during this season whether during the weekend with my jeans or with my dress or pants at work. So just take out your favorite blazer from your closet and you can dress up or down depending on the day. If you don’t have one. Shopstyle editors hand picked some for you.


Bling: If you thought bling is gone you are wrong. Bling has come back this year. The sparkly jewelry has made a comeback this year. Hence, if you are a fan of this feminine trend then what are you waiting for? Go crazy, bring your inner bling out this fall.

Shoe: This fall, the shoes that will be quite hot is going to be is loafer heels. Boy, I for once am so happy to see that trend coming back this year with my weak metatarsal bones. Therefore, if you have not stacked up on these babies, get yourself loafer and you will be all set for the fall.

High-waisted pants: High-waisted pants is making a comeback this fall. I for one love this. This is because pants with waistline well above the belly buttons not only make your legs looks long and lean but also make your mid section looks small, and you can sign me up for that any time.

Flares: Did you throw away your flares from few years back? If the answer is no, then you are in luck. According to Glamour magazine, flare is one of Fall 2015’s most wearable fashion trends. So, take out your flares out of the back of your closet and put on your flares. Don’t forget to elongate your legs with heels or wedges.

Neons: Just like the 70s flares, the 80s neons are hitting the streets this fall. However, we are embracing this new trend in a more sophisticated way with neutral tone such as gray, black, navy or camel.

Shearling: According to the Glamour magazine, shearling coats are making a big comeback this year. I am so glad I did not give mine away. Whether long, oversized, cropped or vest your wear yours the way you love.

Sequins: According the September issue of the Vogue magazine, sequin is one fun trend to be enjoyed in fall. Here, we are talking about title sequin and as mentioned by vogue, this “cascading high-wattage pillettes reveal a new breed of disco dream girl.

Plaid: Plaid is another hot trend for fall both according to Elle and Vogue. It gives a crisps look. You can find your look in places at easy as Target. To check out other plaid trends check out Vogue.

Neutral Lipstick: As I have mention in my previous blog, with all the fun fashion trends of neon, sequins, and blings go with a more neutral lipstick this fall. Keep it simple yet elegant.

These are some of the trends I thought I found to be fun from the fall trend. With everything fun coming this fall in terms of fashion, I hope you are as excited as I am. You don’t need to spend much to be in top to the current fashion trend. There is so much bargains and deals out there. You can get the same trends in places such as Target, H&M. I have seen so much sales even at The Limited , New York & Company and even Macys.  Hope you enjoy reading this blog as much I have enjoyed writing it. Don’t forget to follow me at instagram @allaboutme3181. or visit my Facebook page.

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Keeping it Simple but Elegant

Hi there! I know it has been a long time. First of all, I want to invite you guys to follow me on my instagram account @allaboutme3181. It is basically telling my story about my travel, beauty, fashion, food, and all things pretty through my lenses and sketches, and I would nothing more than sharing my story with you.  Today, I will try to my secret for how to look simple yet elegant using a bold statement necklace. I have a lot of pictures in my instagram page giving example. I will share some with you today.



As you can see in the above example, this bold bib statement necklace from Amrita Singh since can be worn with a simple white t-shirt and a blue dress pant or dark skirt to dress up or denim to dress down yet such an amazing jewelry will make any simple outfit look elegant. You can look at the ensemble I wore with this jewelry on my instagram page.

11887298_876637822421478_1173416117_n 11820457_1643126555969046_747427092_n 11930842_1465462947113898_2033867387_n


My second favorite statement necklace is that of Amrita Singh’s Reversible Bib statement necklace. You wear both sides of the necklace. I usually wear simple blouse or shirt with the necklace (as you can see with the above examples). I have received several complements on the necklaces. Even with a simple outfit the, necklace can make it look quite elegant. I recommendation is when you are going with bold statement necklaces like this, keep the outfit simple keeping the focus on the beautiful necklaces and you can never go wrong. Whether dressing up or down, just remember to keep it simple and remember just keep smiling you will just look elegant!

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