Look of the Day – Floral Shift Dress

Hi there my lovelies! Hope you are having a wonderful day. Today, I want to talk to you about my look of the day. It’s the floral shift dress from New York and Company.

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Description: This is a beautiful floral print dress with balloon sleeves. The colors are so vibrant and I have received a lot of compliments on this dress. This is a perfect outfit for the season. It’s so comfortable too! This a perfect dress for everywhere.


Jewelry: This shift dress would go great with a chic choker or your favorite necklace. I wore mine with a long layered necklace that I had from a while back.

What kind of outfit do you like? Please comment and let us know. I would really love to hear your feedback.

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Outfit of the Day with Faux Leather Dress and Statement Necklace


Hi there my lovelies! Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday! While many states are suffering from a frigid temperature, here in Washington metro are we have been in the upper 60s and low 70s the past two while forecasting 2-3 inches of snow tomorrow. Since mother nature decided to lose her mind, I thought I would share today’s outfit of the day.

Dress: Today I wanted to go with a faux leather from New York and Company. Similar dress available from BCBGMAXAZARIA and Michael Kors. I love the chic edgy look that it creates.

Boots: Nothing says style and sophistication like a classic leather tall boot from Bandolino. The Collyer two-tone riding boot is a timeless knee-high boot that will complement your casual style effortlessly! Get this gorgeous pair of boots at DSW for $99.95. The actual retail price of the boots is $149. You can also pair this beautiful dress with a nice pair of black heels. Either way you go, you are not going to be wrong.


Necklace: Finally, complete the look by adding a bold necklace to the outfit. I love this necklace. I get a lot of compliment about this necklace. This bib design will reinvent all your favorite outfits.

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Style of the Day with Sequin Bow-Back Tunic

Hi there my lovelies! Hope you are having wonderful Saturday. I feel so blessed today to be part of a wonderful nation and world where millions of people gather together to right for their beliefs. The Women’s March is bigger than any one of us. It’s about all of us and standing tall for our beliefs. My beautiful readers, please continue to do what is right. It is my privilege and an honor to share and time with so many wonderful people. Do not stop now. Remember, as Robert Frost said, “Miles to go before I sleep”.


With that spirit in mind, I want to share with your my style of the day in honor of the Women’s March.

The Tunic: In order or honor feminity and celebrate all women and I wore this beautiful Simply Couture Sequin Bow-Back Tunic that I got from Zulily. I love the beautiful bubble gum pink color. I especially the bow design in the back.


Necklace:  I paired my tunic with the Pink Austrian Crystal & Silver Ballerina Necklace that I also got from Zulily. It also adds to the feminine look of the outfit.

Jeans: I love everything about this outfit. I can pair it with my favorite skinny or boyfriend jeans. Today, I decided to wear it with my H&M boyfriend jeans to get a more relaxed look.


The Boot: Finally, I loved completing my look with my favorite pair of IDA’s ankle boot in Leather Lizard color from Fergie Boots. I love the perforated design of this leather boot. You can pair yours with your favorite boot.

My wonderful and beautiful readers, what are you waiting for? Whatever you are fighting for, do it with style and spirit. Whatever you do, never give up. It doesn’t matter how we get there, but as long as we get to our destiny where our heart and soul it, that’s all matter. Keep fighting! At the end, that’s all matter.

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Style of the Day with Faux Fur Vest


Hi There! Happy  Hump Day to all my lovelies! Today I want to talk to you about the style of the day featuring faux fur vest. As you know,  faux fur is the current trend of the season and you will find it everywhere. However, I don’t know if told you this before, I am not much of a trend follower. Growing up, I always liked to stand out in the crowd. I fell in love in faux fur back in the early 2000s when faux fur wasn’t a big trend. I used to wear it as a teenager everywhere and liked standing out in the crowd. I love the chic look it creates and the warmth I get from it as well. Additionally, do doesn’t like the glamorous look created by faux fur style?


The Faux Far Jacket:  I absolutely love this Jacket. I got it from Ann Taylor Loft back in 2006/2007 and fell in love. The quality of the faux fur is amazing. I am always pleased with my purchase from the Loft. There is nothing similar to this available at the Loft, but you can get this Collared Faux Fur Vest from Inc, which is available at Macy’s on sale for $73.99. Like the Loft version, this vest also has a zipper closure and looks beautiful.


The  Baby Soft Sweater: I loved pairing my vest with my favorite baby soft crewneck sweater from French Connection. I got mine from Gilt. You can get the same sweater in Roxy Kiss color from Asos. It’s currently on sale for $55. One thing that I love so much about this sweater is that it’s really soft.


The faux leather pant: I love my faux leather coated slim pant from NYDJ. It’s very soft and huggable and worth every penny. Wear yours with your favorite pair. I also love my Eva Longoria Faux Leather Pants (on sale for $49 at the Limited). l love how breathable and stretchable it is. Most of all, it looks amazing. I am so glad that I did because this beautiful item is currently sold out. You can get a more affordable version at Forever 21 for only $24.50. I actually like the NYDJ version available at Bloomingdales on sale for $110.68.

The Boot: In winter, no style is complete without the perfect pair of boots. I got my boots ages ago from DSW. They go great with the dress. I just love my tan suede boots. The tan boot combines comfort and style together and completes the look of this stylish and chic outfit. What is your favorite outfit to wear during the winter?

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Style of the Day with Sweater Jacket


Hi There my Lovelies! Hope you are having a wonderful day. Happy Friday everyone. Today I want go over a very simple style of the day for work for those days when you have to those big meetings. It’s winter now and in fact we just had our first snow of the year today. Specially, during these time of the year I really hate wearing suit for those very important work meetings. Hence, I try to keep it simple and chic with sweater jackets.


Draped Fringed Tweed Jacket (On Sale for $24.99)

Jacket: I got my sweater jacket last from New York and Company and absolutely love it. It is like with faux leather creating a more chic edgy look to the outfit. I got a lot of complements for this sweater. I have also went to interviews and big presentation in Chicago, the Windy city (in November) wearing this sweater. If you don’t like wearing suits all the time but want to the chic look, get your favorite sweater jacket and face your meeting or any presentation with chic confidence. I have added some of my favorite examples to help you get started.

Turtleneck: As you know I always love layering, specially during the winter. Whether you layer to achieve a certain look or to just stay warm, it never hurts to have fresh combinations on hand. When I layer, my goal is to achieve both. Depending on the weather , I like my sweater jacket with either a turtleneck or or my favorite mock neck short sleeve blouse.  Whether, it’s turtleneck or just mock neck, I love how it add sophistication to any style.

Pant: You always have to complete your look with the perfect pair of pants. I have gotten my pants from everywhere and Ann Taylor and Loft has by far the perfect pairs. I remember sister first introduced me to Loft pants a decade ago when she worked there a summer during my undergraduate years. I absolutely fell in love with how it fit me. Back then I was very skinny but a curve and both Loft and Ann Taylor knew how to fit my size. I absolutely love the Kate all-season stretch trouser from Ann Taylor, because of its curvy fit.

What are you waiting for? If you are me and get tired of the same of suit, try these sweater jackets a try and let me know what you think. What are some of your favorite style for dressing up for the all important meetings and presentations?

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Style of the Day with Geometric A-Line Dress


Hi There my lovelies! How are you all wonderful people doing? Hope you are having a wonderful start of the year. Today I wanted to present to you today my style of the day. Hope you enjoy the post as much as the I enjoyed writing it.


The Dress (Coeur de Vague Purple & Rust Geometric A-Line Dress): This dress has bright patches of color lending artistic charm with a mock neckline and button front, offset by a full, feminine skirt. I got this dress from Zulily. However, it’s completely sold out now. They are sold in European size and run small, hence had to order a size bigger. Who doesn’t like burst of color.  The dress looks more like faux suede and I absolutely love the chic look in creates.

The Boot: I got my boots ages ago from DSW. They go great with the dress. I just love my tan suede boots. The tan boot combines comfort and style together and completes the look of the A-line dress.

Overall, I loved my dress and the way the boot completed the look. No matter what the shifting trends of the moment may be, a good pair of boots never goes out of style. They work with everything from skinny jeans to trousers to the classic LBD. I loved pairing my tan boots with this patch-work A-line dress.

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Style of the Day with Split Hem Dress


Hi there! Happy Saturday, Christmas eve, first day of Hanukkah to all my lovely and wonderful readers out there. I had a wonderful day so far. l took my own advise and spent the day living by the moment. I had my favorite Starbucks Peppermint Mocha with cheese danish, followed by doing some last minute shopping, a nice manicure with my sister, family lunch at Red Lobsters. There, l tried experiencing mindful eating with my Bahama Mama. Boy, it never tested so good.



Bahama Mama

I returned home just to find out that my heating system froze on me and due to the holidays, I may not have a working heater until next Tuesday. Nonetheless, I am leaving in the moment and it’s kind of wonderful. l have my family surrounding me. l am following our Christmas tradition. We binge watch Christmas movies on Christmas movies. Now, I am sharing my thoughts with the most wonderful people. So, cold you cannot defeat me today I am warmed up by enjoying the moment.

My lovely readers, today I thought that I will share my outfit of the day. It was a dreary, cold and rainy day, and I spent it my way, in style.



Coeur de Vague Black V-Neck Split Hem Dress ($29): This is a crossover slit falls from the left hip to the right hem, providing freedom of movement and double the style for it can be worn zipped up as a dress or unzipped as a shirt. I actually like wearing it unzipped for that edgy look. You know there is a saying about black dress, it makes you look thin.


Worthington Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater at JC Penney (on sale for $19.99): The formerly frumpy piece is now totally chic (and warm). Due to the cold weather outside l wore the dress with a body hugging, black turtleneck sweater underneath. l love how adding the turtleneck turned this outfit edgy and chic.



Forever 21

Eva Longoria Faux Leather Pants (on sale for $49 at the Limited): I actually love this pant. l got them during the Black Friday sale. l love how breathable and stretchable it is. Most of all, it looks amazing. I am so glad that I did because this beautiful pant is currently sold out. You can get a more affordable version at Forever 21 for only $24.50. I actually like the NYDJ version available at Bloomingdales on sale for $110.68. Get your favorite Version and give your on outfit an extra edge.


Complete the look with a pair of your favorite boots. l wore a pair of stylish outfit that I got from Zulily a while ago. l love these rainboots because how stylish they look, but you can wear your favorite, stylish pair.

My favorite, wonderful readers it was my absolute pleasure sharing my experience with you. l love wearing something comfortable but chic at the sometime. l am wearing my cozy sweater sitting under the comforter and enjoying the moment.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I loved writing it. May you have a wonderful and warm Christmas and Hanukkah with your loved ones. Remember, enjoy the moments and your experience will be even more magical.

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Cute Holiday Party Dresses for Every Body Type


Hi There! Today, I wanted to share you another great article I came across at the Glamour magazine website. Don’t have a festive dress yet? We’ve got you covered. There are dresses for petite to plus-size body types. This article has the choices for you everyone.

With the Christmas just a week away hope you find the perfect party dress for you body type. Enjoy the your weekend with your loved ones.

Source: The Best Christmas Party Dresses for Every Body Type | Glamour

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Style of the Day – Leather-like Skirt


Hi There! We are almost here. Thanksgiving is here, just few minutes and a day later is Black Friday. Today, I want to share with another style of the day. The outfit is quite affordable but looks very stylish. I got so much complements.


The Limited Turtleneck ($49): I usually like wearing colors but with all black gives with that chic look I want. A ribbed turtleneck in a classic fitted silhouette is essential for anyone’s wardrobe.


Faux Leather Maxi Skirt ($26.99): This is a beautiful skirt that cost less than $30. I love this skirt that I got so much complement on it. I looks great. Everyone asked me where I got the skirt and I say Amazon.


Kate Spade Handbag ($298): I accessorized by dress with a my favorite Coach pink signature leather handbag. However, they are couple of years old. You can get a similar one from Kate Spade for $298.  The start of every great outfit–and adventure–begins with the perfect handbag that lets you get carried away. Meet maise: the go-anywhere, carry-everything bag.


New York and Company Necklace (On Sale for $12): An outfit is not complete without the perfect jewelry, and this beautiful necklace brings out my handbag. I absolutely love this piece, and now you can get $30 jewelry for just $12.


Ralph Lauren Boots (On Sale for $95.40): Finally, I completed my look with Ralph Laurel Mesa Riding Boots that can be found at Macy’s. Any other black boots goes just as great.

Hope you have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. Let me know what is your favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving day.

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Free 2-day shipping upgrade, plus an additional 20% off with a $50 purchase on only with code ZZBONUS. Offer valid 12/19/16 – 12/20/16.


Outfit of the Day – Lafayette NewYork


Hi There! Hope you are having a great weekend. Here in Maryland we are dealing with freezing rain and cold weather. I thought I would do my first outfit of the day.


Dress: The dress is the Lafayette New York 148 Wool Turtleneck Fit and Flare Dress. I love this knit wool dress. I love the dress and great for the cloth weather. You can for a limited time find this dress at Gilt for $159.99. The retail price for the dress is $498. This is a beautiful dress that I absolutely love and get a lot of complements on. You can also find other colors at Nemus Marcus for $295.


Bag: I paired by dress with my favorite Kate Spade satchel. I love mine because of the tassels. Mine is discontinued. However, you can find a cute one with tassels at Bloomingdales. Punctuated by perforated trim and handsome tassels, this top handle satchel from Kate Spade New York is the picture of timeless polish. Get yours for $299.60. The retail price is $428.


Boots: Nothing says style and sophistication like a classic leather tall boot from Bandolino. The Collyer two-tone riding boot is a timeless knee high boot that will complement your casual style effortlessly! Get this gorgeous pair of boots at DSW for $99.95. The actual retail price of the boots is $149. You can also pair this beautiful dress with a nice pair of black heels. Either way you go, you are not going to be wrong.


Necklace: Finally, complete the look by adding a gold necklace to the outfit. I love this necklace. I get a lot of complement about this necklace. You can find it at New York and Company for sale for just $13.47. This Tassel Lariat Necklace completes the tassel look from the Kate Spade Satchel.

Let me know what you think of the outfit. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I love writing it.

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Stylish Winter Items You Should Get Before They are Gone

Hi There! Winter and the holidays are almost here. However, the cold should not stop you from hitting the season in style. Today, I will bring you some frugal and stylish winter items that you should get before they are gone.

1. Lace Blouse:


Worthington Long Sleeve Mock Neck Lace Blouse (For Sale at $19.99)


Women’s Lace Bow Blouse – Who What Wear ($29.99)

The simple addition of a scarf transforms the Lace Bow Blouse – Who What Wear at Target™ and Worthingon at JC Penney from a utilitarian top into the highlight of an outfit. Wear these tops’ fluid lines over high-waisted pants as an elegant ensemble, and don’t forget rugged, chunky boots to balance out its lacy femininity.

2. Metallic Wallet:

womens-small-wallet-targetTarget Women’s Small Wallet ($10)

metallic-wristlet-amazonMetallic Floral Laser Cut Wristlet Wallet ($26.99) 

metallic-walletMetallic Wallet ($24.99)


Coach Boxed Phone Clutch in Metallic Leather ($99)

Metallic wallet is another must have this holiday. It gives you the ultra-chic style you need for the holiday. If you want a designer version of the wallet look no further than the Coach Metallic Clutch that can be found at Macy’s.

3. Teddy Bear Bomber Jacket:


Who What Wear Women’s Plus Size Teddy Bear Bomber Jacket from Target ($54.99)

bomberWho What Wear Teddy Bear Bomber Jacket ($49.99)

Described by Glamour as one of the 20 stylish winter buys to shop at Target these bomber jackets are great addition to have for your winter outfit. The fabric is addictive and playful, and surprisingly sophisticated worn with leather-finish jeans or textured leggings. Don’t forget the ankle boots to complete the on-the-go vibe that bombers embody.

4. Printed Dress :


Who What Wear Women’s Printed Midi Dress ($34.99)


The Limited Printed Sheer Yoke Dress (On Sale $39.98)

Whether midi or just over the knee, sheer printed dresses are great wardrobe addition to have this holiday for chic feminine look. Printed Midi combines the of-the-moment length with a forever-fresh pattern.  You can toughen up this feminine look by layering this long-sleeve dresses under a bold moto, or mix it up by wearing it over ankle boots for a street style vibe. The Limited elegant dress was designed with romantic sheer fabric perfect for a night out. Its A-line silhouette with pleated details add feminine flair and a flattering fit. This dress would go great with long black boot and black moto jacket.

Hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please let me know about your winter style tips.

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Great DIY Costume Ideas

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope your Halloween is as scary and spooky as ever. Today I wanted to share with you some last minute Halloween costume ideas that I found online. Hope you enjoy it I much as I did writing about it.

Ice Cream Costume: 


Treasures and Travels came up with this wonderful costume idea that that colorful and easy to put together.

To recreate this upside down Ice Cream Cone Costume you will need:

  1. White Tulle Bloom Skirt
  2. Mini Popsicle Sticks
  3. White Tee or Tank
  4. White Shoes
  5. Brown Paper
  6. Bobby Pins
  7. Colored Paints
  8. Safety Pins
  9. Hot Glue Gun

Cone: Cut a sheet of brown paper in half diagonally and roll into the shape of cone, secure with tape. Attach the cone to your hair using bobby pins, poking a hole threw each side of the paper cone and securing to your hair – or – use hot glue to glue the cone to a headband.

Sprinkles: Paint the mini popsicle sticks an assortment of bring colors and use hot glue to secure a safety pin to the back of each sprinkle. Attach the sprinkles to your outfit using the safety pins.

Spider Web Costume:


Pretty Plain Janes came up with this wonderful costume idea. This costume doesn’t require any sewing skill and is very easy to put together.

  1. 1 1/2 yards of 72″ felt (Used white here but black would work too – just make sure you purchase opposite yarn color)
  2. black yarn
  3. plastic spiders
  4. You will also need black shoes, something for you child to wear under costume, safety pin and a bobby pin or clip to attach spider for hair to.


  1. Fold your felt in half length wise.
  2. Take a pen and tie a piece of yarn measuring 24″ long around it. (This measurement is for a 5T size – adjust by a few inches for smaller or larger.) Place end of yarn not attached to pen in the center middle on folded side of felt. Stretch the pen the length of the yarn and mark a half circle on your felt holding onto the yarn end in the center middle the whole time.
  3. Take a large bowl and trace half circle sections on the rounded line that you marked with the yarn and pen.
  4. Take the same large bowl and place on middle of fold about 2 1/2″ in and trace that half circle (this will be the neck hole).
  5. Now cut following the guide of all the half circles you traced (including the neck).
  6. Unfold the felt and cut a slit up middle of one side only. (This side will be the back.)
  7. Grab your yarn and place one end on point of scallop and run the other all the way up to the neck – cut to length. Do this for every point around the “poncho”. You can space out the neck ends more evenly once you have them all cut to size. Once everything is spaced evenly hot glue each end.
  8. Now take the yarn and start at one open end of cape and run it lengthwise all the way around to the other open end, hot gluing when it intersects each yarn piece from step 7. I did this 3 times, which means I eyeballed the cape being divided by 4 as I was running the yarn around.
  9. Attach a spider to the cape using hot glue. Also attach one to a bobby pin or clip for the hair (if using).
  10. Dress your spider! You can hold the back closed with a bobby pin or hot glue some ribbon on each side and tie shut.

You can make the “web” with puffy paint as well. I am not a huge puffy paint fan so yarn it was for me. You could also get fancy with gems or sparkly embellishments of any sort. A fly would be fun too (I couldn’t find one unfortunately.)

Here is a helpful guide for the spider web poncho:


Spooky Spider Costume:


Pretty Plain Janes again came up with this wonderful costume idea. To create this costume you will need.

  1. black long sleeve shirt
  2. black stocking cap (found mine at a dollar store)
  3. black women’s socks (the kind that have the “L” shape)
  4. 2 eyeballs (found mine at a dollar store
  5. black mittens (dollar store again)
  6. gift tissue, plastic bags or newspaper for stuffing
  7. a little bit of black ribbon or yarn
  8. You will also need dark pants (black works best but dark denim could work too), shoes, hot glue gun and glue for it.


  1. Stuff each sock with tissue, plastic bags, paper or whatever you have that will stuff a sock. I used one tissue paper for the foot of the sock and another for the part that goes up the leg.
  2. Hot glue (or sew) each sock to back of shirt making 4 “legs”.
  3. Attach each “leg”, starting with the arm of the shirt (because that’s a leg too), by taking ribbon or yarn and hot glueing it to the back of every limb. I left about 4″ of space between each leg.
  4. Take 2 eyeballs and attach to front of the hat with hot glue.
  5. Dress your spider (don’t forget the mittens)!
  6. To make this costume extra sturdy you could sew instead of hot glue. Would be a good idea especially if you have a little one who might tug at the legs.

DIY Queen Bee Costume:


  1. This costume you can you actually put together in the last minute, courtesy of Studio DIY. The detail picture instruction can be found at ehow.
  2. To create this imaginative great costume you will need:
  3. Gold metallic scrapbook paper or card stock
  4. Yellow and black pom poms
  5. Black pipe cleaners
  6. Shoe clips
  7. Headband
  8. Hot glue
  9. Scissors


  1. To make the crown, print out the crown template and cut it out. Trace the template on the back of gold paper and cut. Glue together to form a crown, using hot glue.
  2. Put a dot of hot glue on a large yellow pom pom and attach it to a black pipe cleaner, pinching the pom pom around the pipe cleaner to cover the end. Repeat to create a second antennae.
  3. Twist another pipe cleaner onto the bottom of the antennae to extend the length if necessary.
  4. Wrap the pipe cleaners and around the headband to secure the crown. You can add a dot of hot glue, if desired, for extra security.
  5. Glue small black pom poms around the base of the crown.
  6. To make the shoe clips, fold over a small piece of gold paper and draw a wing shape along the fold. Cut out.
  7. Hot glue the wings to the shoe clips, leaving the wings creased in the center.
  8. Add a large yellow pom and a small black pom along the center fold of the wings, securing with hot glue.
  9. Pair your crown and your bee-dazzled shoes with black and white stripes and a yellow skirt, and you have a buzz-worthy costume for all your Halloween festivities!

Mary Poppins Costume:


Just a spoonful of sugar … Ok, you might need a little than that. To recreate this DIY Mary Poppins costume, you only have to find some items from your closet and a few key accessories.

You will need:

  1. White blouse
  2. High-waisted black skirt
  3. Black tights
  4. Black pair of heels
  5. Red ribbon
  6. Large purse
  7. Umbrella
  8. Black hat
  9. Few flowers


  1. Tuck a white blouse into a high-waisted skirt with a full or a-line silhouette; wear both over tights and a pair of heels.
  2. Tie a red ribbon in a bow around the collar of your blouse.
  3. For accessories, carry a large purse and an umbrella, and stick a few flowers in a black hat with a round brim.

Wicket Witch Costume:


This costume is actually courtesy of me that I put together at the last minute last year with things in my closet. The only thing that I bought was the witch hat. This what I used to create the costume:

  1. Lace maxi dress. (I got mine from Forever 21 a while ago for $20+. You can get something similar at forever 21 for less then $25 or less than $28)
  2. Witch hat (I got mine at target for $6. You can get similar ones)
  3. Statement necklace (I wore my favorite Amrita Singh’s Reversible Bib statement necklace).


  1. Wear your lace dress
  2. Put on your witch hat
  3. Put on your statement necklace

You are now a stylish witch to party like crazy.

Hope your Halloween is fun and spooky at the same time.  Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram @allaboutme3181.

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Fall 2015 Denim Trend in Budget

Hi There! Hope you are ready to start your long weekend, I just read this article in Elle website, which mentions the 7 denim trends to try this Fall. However, as I read through the trends none of the examples they provided seemed within my budge. As a result, I did what I always do, I did some homework and looked for some affordable alternative. Like, if you find the article helpful. Additionally, comment on your favorite ways to wear your denims.

1. Kick Flares

When I first read about kick flare the first question I asked myself is that what is the difference between regular flare and kick flare jeans? The answer to that is kick flares are more shaped than the regular flares. They have more of a flare from the knee downwards, whereas the flare don’t have such a defined line.

2. Frayed Edges

Frayed edges are edgy and gives that unique look to any denim. For my modest style I like wearing my shift dress with a legging and a short sleeve shirt underneath, with a sneaker to give me the weekend look. I would wearing the vest with any light t-shirt.

3. Wide Leg Ankle Skimmer

I looked through the examples of the ankle skimmer wide leg denims that Elle provide, most of them are over $200 and I for one think that is way above my budget and hence I kept looking through and searching for affordable ankle skimmers and found the above denims. I also find that regular wide leg denims are much affordable and I just trim it and now I have a frayed edged wide leg ankle skimmer.

4. 70s Inspired Midi Skirt

Again, I searched to find much more affordable alternative to the Elle examples. The above midi skirts are inspired by the 70s looks and shape are as flattering as they are timeless.

5. Popover Shirt Dress

The above shirt dresses are great and can be dressed up or down with boots for sneakers. I myself would wear the long sleeve shirt dresses with leggings. These dresses are styles and much more affordable than the ones shown in Elle website.

6. Fancy Flares

Free People Striped Floral-Print Flared Jeans ($100)

Free People Striped Floral-Print Flared Jeans ($100)

Well guys, I tried my best but I got you from $30 to $100 fancy flares for you here. I know $100 might be not what you might be looking for in fancy flare that’s why I looked high and low for to find design similarities to the Elle example, which cost more that $350. I would love to hear if you found your low cost alternative.

7. Jean Accessories

The last denim trend of fall is jean accessories and I found the perfect accessories for you, from H&M shoe to Forever 21 backpack. I hope you love budget friendly denim trend for this fall. Like if you love the trend. Comment on your favorite jean trend.

Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram @allaboutme3181.

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Instagram: @allaboutme3181

Chic Fall 2015 Work Lookbook in Budget

Hi There! Now that we figured out how to style in budget, I asked myself why can’t we do the same for our work wardrobe? I asked was reading an article in Who What Wear showing some of the chic Fall 2015 work lookbook. I for one, thought they were little too expensive for me. Therefore, I went online and went to the same places, yes I am talking about H&M and Forever 21, and started looking for inspiration. I will now share with my findings. I hope you will find my findings helpful. My findings were inspired by the Who What Wear article.

hmdressedpantH&M SUIT PANTS ($30) hmjacketH&M CREPE JACKET ($35)

The above outfit is chic and the handbag is versatile. Structured handbag is also the trend of this fall. This outfit is much more affordable than the Who Wear What Mango outfits and it will not break your wallet. You can pair the outfit with ankle boot which will make it more chic.

H&M WEAVE COAT ($60)hmweave coat

The above outfit gives you the style you need at a reason and affordable price, under $100. Moreover, it will keep you warm during the cold fall days. You can pair the outfit with H&M handbag, shown in the first outfit. This style is not only styling but chic and affordable as well. You can save even more if you decide to pair this outfit with the same pants from the first outfit.

One thing I love about the above outfit is the unique design, and it cost less than $30. I myself would pair it with a contrasting tank underneath, opaque tights, and ankle boots for my fashion style. However, you can style it with ankle boot. The above outfit is fun and chic as well, and it is very affordable.

The above outfit is chic and the loafer is versatile. This outfit is much more affordable than the Who Wear What Mango outfits and it will not break your wallet. Additionally, both loafers and white pants are trendy this fall and you are going to look chic at work under $100. You can pair the outfit with the versatile and structured H&M handbag.

The above outfit gives you the style you need at a reason and affordable price, under $75. It will also look great with the black layered crepe mock neck top ($18) from yesterday’s blog. You can pair it with a long boot that is perfect for the fall season. I myself would pair mine with a mock-neck dolman top ($20) and long boots. Again, this outfit is not only chic and stylish but it is also affordable.

Last but not least, you can pair the above outfit with H&M Suit Pant ($25) and the black handbag and you got yourself a chic work outfit that will you keep you warm during the cold days. The coat is of neutral camel tone that is always trendy and chic. Pair the outfit with black boots and wallah you are all set. I hope you enjoy this blog as much I enjoyed writing them for you. I would love to hear about your trendy and affordable chic work lookbook.

Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram @allaboutme3181.

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Instagram: @allaboutme3181

———————————–   Happy Reading ———————————-

Instagram: @allaboutme3181

Style in a Budget

Hi There! Hope you had a great weekend. Like me, you guys might be worried about the current economics condition of our country. I for one, don’t want to let that impact my sense of fashion. Hence, I spent some time online, looking at places like Forever 21 and H&M to do some homework to see how can I keep my sense of fashion in budget. This is what I have so far. Let me know, if you have creative ideas that you would like to share.

H&M Sleeveless turtleneck Top ($10)hmprod H&M Flared High Jeans ($50)hmprod (1) H&M Denim Jacket ($30)H&M Denim Jacket ($29.99)

The above outfit gives you the style you need at a reason and affordable price. I have mention in a previous blog, stripes, high-waisted pants, and flares are going to be a major major trends this fall, and you can show off great fashion trends with breaking your wallets.

The above outfit is not only fun and cost just little over $50. I for one find this style fun and affordable. I love it’s retro look of the side slit top. The high-waisted flare jeans are is hot right now and it cost less then $30.

The above outfit is not only fun and cost under $50. The top has a fun layered look contrasted by the frayed chevron-pattern of the skirt. The outfit is fun and is affordable at the same time.

The above outfit cost under $50. The top is stripped with fun with off-the-shoulder top and pairing with jogging style pants with patched pockets. You pair it with a nice heels and wallah, you a wonderful stylish outfit that will not break your wallet.

Last but not least is the striped-trim ribbed dress which cost only $25. You are dress it up with heels or down with sneakers. I had a great time finding these fashion trends under budget for you guys and I hope enjoy it. I would love hear about your budget fashion styles. As for me, due to my Muslim upbringing, I would wear a black T-shirt under the mock neck side-slide top, like the textured knit crop top ($5). I would pair my chevron patterned skirt with embroidered lace boxy top ($18). I would pair the jogging style pants with jersey top in natural white stripe ($10).  Finally I would add some color to my dress with organic cotton-blend legging in chestnut ($6). Hence, there is budget fashion for every style. I would love to hear about your budget fashion find.

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Are You Ready For the Fall?

Hi There! I know it that the temperature is still in the 90s here in the east coast. However, summer is almost over and kids are ready to head back to school and college students are ready to head to their fall semester. All you ready to embrace the fall season fashion wise. I know I am. It is know that easy. I will tell you all you need to prepare for the fall season to look trendy and embrace the season with head on in style. I went through the latest issue of Vogue, Elle, Glamour just find the fun fall fashion for you.

Blazer: First of all, blazer adds a polished to any look to fall wardrobe. I love wearing blazer with blazer during this season whether during the weekend with my jeans or with my dress or pants at work. So just take out your favorite blazer from your closet and you can dress up or down depending on the day. If you don’t have one. Shopstyle editors hand picked some for you.amritasingh_bib

Bling: If you thought bling is gone you are wrong. Bling has come back this year. The sparkly jewelry has made a comeback this year. Hence, if you are a fan of this feminine trend then what are you waiting for? Go crazy, bring your inner bling out this fall.

Shoe: This fall, the shoes that will be quite a hot trend are going to be loafer heels. Boy, I for one am so happy to see that trend coming back this year with my weak metatarsal bones. Therefore, if you have not stacked up on these babies, get yourself loafer and you will be all set for the fall.

High-waisted pants: High-waisted pants is making a comeback this fall. I for one love this. This is because pants with waistline well above the belly buttons not only make your legs looks long and lean but also make your mid section looks small, and you can sign me up for that any time.

Flares: Did you throw away your flares from few years back? If the answer is no, then you are in luck. According to Glamour magazine, flare is one of Fall 2015’s most wearable fashion trends. So, take out your flares out of the back of your closet and put them on this fall. Don’t forget to elongate your legs with heels or wedges.

Neons: Just like the 70s flares, the 80s neons are hitting the streets this fall. However, we are embracing this new trend in a more sophisticated way this year with neutral tone such as gray, black, navy or camel. Yes, I love fun colors any time.

Shearling: According to the Glamour magazine, shearling coats are making a big comeback this year. I am so glad I did not give mine away. Whether it is long, oversized, cropped or vest, you can wear yours the way you love.

Sequins: According the September issue of the Vogue magazine, sequin is one fun trend to be enjoyed in fall. Here, we are talking about title sequin and as mentioned by vogue, this “cascading high-wattage pillettes reveal a new breed of disco dream girl. I love sequins because it’s fun and feminine at the same time.

Plaid: Plaid is another hot trend for fall both according to Elle and Vogue. It gives a crisps look. You can find your look at easy as Target. To check out other plaid trends check out Vogue.

Neutral Lipstick: As I have mention in my previous blog, with all the fun fashion trends such as neon, sequins, and blings of this fall, it is better to go with a more neutral lipstick this fall. Keep it simple yet elegant, I say.

These are some of the trends that I found to be fun from the fall trends. With everything fun coming this fall in terms of fashion, I hope you are as excited as I am. You don’t need to spend much to be in top to the current fashion trend. There is so much bargains and deals out there. You can get the same trends in places such as Target, H&M. I have seen so much sales even at The Limited , New York & Company and even Macys.  Hope you enjoy reading this blog as much I have enjoyed writing it. Don’t forget to follow me at instagram @allaboutme3181. or visit my Facebook page.


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Keeping it Simple but Elegant

Hi there! I know it has been a long time. First of all, I want to invite you guys to follow me on my instagram account @allaboutme3181. It is basically telling my story about my travel, beauty, fashion, food, and all things pretty through my lenses and sketches, and I would nothing more than sharing my story with you.  Today, I will try to my secret for how to look simple yet elegant using a bold statement necklace. I have a lot of pictures in my instagram page giving example. I will share some with you today.


As you can see in the above example, this bold bib statement necklace from Amrita Singh since can be worn with a simple white t-shirt and a blue dress pant or dark skirt to dress up or denim to dress down yet such an amazing jewelry will make any simple outfit look elegant. You can look at the ensemble I wore with this jewelry on my instagram page.

11887298_876637822421478_1173416117_n 11820457_1643126555969046_747427092_n 11930842_1465462947113898_2033867387_n


My second favorite statement necklace is that of Amrita Singh’s Reversible Bib statement necklace. You wear both sides of the necklace. I usually wear simple blouse or shirt with the necklace (as you can see with the above examples). I have received several complements on the necklaces. Even with a simple outfit the, necklace can make it look quite elegant. I recommendation is when you are going with bold statement necklaces like this, keep the outfit simple keeping the focus on the beautiful necklaces and you can never go wrong. Whether dressing up or down, just remember to keep it simple and remember just keep smiling you will just look elegant!

——————— Happy Reading ———————

Instagram: @allaboutme3181

My Holiday Makeup Secret

With just two days left for the holidays, I know the ladies you have worked hard to get ready preparing for the holidays and the party. Now it’s time to take care of yourselves, the dress, the makeups. Today, this blog is dedicated just for you because you deserve it. I am by no means experts in beauty or make-ups. I will bring today what I have come across through process of elimination through my own personal experience. Since, I have started using my new make-up regiment since last August, I have been getting non-stop complements on my make-ups because I keep my make-up simple, and today I want to share that step by step secret with you. Again, I am not promoting any particular product. I am just reporting what has worked for me. Perhaps something else will work for you. If you have a great alternative please share in your comments and we would love to hear it. I will also share some great holiday fashion that came across in Vogue magazine. Happy reading.

The first step before any make-up regiment, I always wash my face with my usual regiments and use my Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner.  I then use my usual moisturizing regiment.

For the fist step of make-up, I use the Sephora Photo Finish More Than Primer – Blemish ControlIt can be layered under foundation without the worry of breakouts. It’s parabens, sulphate, and phthalates free. I follow the primer with a very light layer of Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream. After my trip to the very windy and cold city of Chicago my face broke out in enormous blisters and acne with resulted in bad scars as a result I have to take extra precaution on myvery sensitive skin when comes to skincare. You probably don’t have to use this. However, I love this product it because it give my skin extra layer of protection and during weekends when I don’t feel like wearing foundation, I just wear this and I am good to go.

I next wear the NARS Radiant Cream Concealer underneath my eyes to cover my dark circles. Ladies, here I have to share a secret with you. In order to get rid of the crease with the concealer underneath your eyes, the trick is to mix the concealer with your eye cream. It works for me all the time. I put dabs of eyes creams and dabs of the concealer under by eyes and mix and walla perfect under eyes.  I then hide rest of my blemishes and scars with NARS concealer. The best thing about both of these concealers is that they come in make shades so there is a shade for every skin tones.

Once I cover all the flaws, I use Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Face Powder . I like this powder make-up because they are faster to use and less time consuming. More0ver, this is parabens free baked foundation which I prefer for my skin. However, when I am taking my time and what to use liquid make-up I use Sephora 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation. This is a parabens free, oil free foundation which comes in my exact skin tone and provides great coverage.

Once foundation is done is now, time to contour and highlight the face. This is where we get to bring out the best features of our face. I use products here. I came up with these products after few experimentation and recommendations from family and friends. I first use the Anastasia Beverly Hills  Contour Kit to contour and highlight my face. What I like about buying directly from the Beverly Hills Anastasia site is that I was able to custom make my own contour kit based on my own skin tone. After contouring, I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush. The best thing about this blush is that is that it’s a baked nude blush that has buildable coverage. I use one last highlighter on my face that I absolutely love is the Benefit High Beam highlighter. I tap a little around my eyes and cheekbones and the result is fabulous giving me a luminous but never frosty or greasy look, it enhances coverage by bouncing light off the face. I use it high on cheeks after blush, I use it in in dark area by eyes, high part of nose and I use a tiny dot on bottom and top middle of lip for added fullness effect. A little goes a long way. I heard some people mixing it with their liquid foundation and got even better result.

Once done with my face I then handle my eyes. To be honest, I don’t have the best eye brows hence I have to take extra care of it. However, one thing that I do have it that I do have a good shape, according eye brow person I used to go to,  and I try to take advantage of that. I don’t draw my eyebrow with pencil because that lead to more eye brows falling. I use the Make Up Forever Aqua Brow cream to draw my eyebrow along my natural eyebrow shape to enhance my eyebrow. I will share another trick with you here. I use mascara wand to brush my brows before and after applying the cream. It makes my brows looks naturally full and when I apply the cream it looks more natural. You can by the wand at your local beauty supply store or at Amazon. Also, I never buy the black color. Always get the same color as the color of natural hair color. Since, my hair is dark brown that’s the color I get. Since I started doing that and filling my eyebrows, everyone I met told that I have the most beautiful I brows, which is a great complement for me. I add Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Waterproofing Gel on top of the brow cream even though the cream is waterproof for extra protection.


Then depending on the occasion I wear my eye make-up and lipstick. Just remember to use light eye shadow underneath the arches of the brows to define the brows. However, I always end my make-up the same way. I always set my make up by using the Make For Ever HD Pressed Powder. It’s a clear powder that softens the appearance of fine lines and pores. I then finish the look by using Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Make Up Setting Spray. It keeps makeup looking just-applied for up to 16 hours. I cover my eyes with my hand and just am completely dependent on this product.


With Make Up done, I now want to share the holiday style features in this years Vogue magazine. Here, I found a similar H&M Sequin Jacket for $59.95. I found this wonderful dress that goes well with the jacket too that just cost $69.95 at H&M for you guys, or you can wear the dress by itself.

This beautiful dress from Ann Taylor Jeweled Shift Dress is also featured in this month’s Vogue’s issue is on sale for $149.99. You can additional 50% off with code WINTER50.

As for me I like to wear something simple but but elegant at the same time. That’s I love wearing my long green long with velvet circle’s it. It look’s absolutely amazing. It’s one of a kind because it’s handmade and I get complements from everyone. I accessorize the dress with my Amrita Singh Reversible Bib Necklace and I am good to go. Ladies, I hope you are all ready to pamper yourselves this holiday after all the hard works. I look forward to hearing you version of holiday make-up and fashion tips. Enjoy.

——————— Happy Reading ———————

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