Fall 2015 Denim Trend in Budget

Hi There! Hope you are ready to start your long weekend, I just read this article in Elle website, which mentions the 7 denim trends to try this Fall. However, as I read through the trends none of the examples they provided seemed within my budge. As a result, I did what I always do, I did some homework and looked for some affordable alternative. Like, if you find the article helpful. Additionally, comment on your favorite ways to wear your denims.

1. Kick Flares

When I first read about kick flare the first question I asked myself is that what is the difference between regular flare and kick flare jeans? The answer to that is kick flares are more shaped than the regular flares. They have more of a flare from the knee downwards, whereas the flare don’t have such a defined line.

2. Frayed Edges

Frayed edges are edgy and gives that unique look to any denim. For my modest style I like wearing my shift dress with a legging and a short sleeve shirt underneath, with a sneaker to give me the weekend look. I would wearing the vest with any light t-shirt.

3. Wide Leg Ankle Skimmer

I looked through the examples of the ankle skimmer wide leg denims that Elle provide, most of them are over $200 and I for one think that is way above my budget and hence I kept looking through and searching for affordable ankle skimmers and found the above denims. I also find that regular wide leg denims are much affordable and I just trim it and now I have a frayed edged wide leg ankle skimmer.

4. 70s Inspired Midi Skirt

Again, I searched to find much more affordable alternative to the Elle examples. The above midi skirts are inspired by the 70s looks and shape are as flattering as they are timeless.

5. Popover Shirt Dress

The above shirt dresses are great and can be dressed up or down with boots for sneakers. I myself would wear the long sleeve shirt dresses with leggings. These dresses are styles and much more affordable than the ones shown in Elle website.

6. Fancy Flares

Free People Striped Floral-Print Flared Jeans ($100)

Free People Striped Floral-Print Flared Jeans ($100)

Well guys, I tried my best but I got you from $30 to $100 fancy flares for you here. I know $100 might be not what you might be looking for in fancy flare that’s why I looked high and low for to find design similarities to the Elle example, which cost more that $350. I would love to hear if you found your low cost alternative.

7. Jean Accessories

The last denim trend of fall is jean accessories and I found the perfect accessories for you, from H&M shoe to Forever 21 backpack. I hope you love budget friendly denim trend for this fall. Like if you love the trend. Comment on your favorite jean trend.

Hope you have wonderful long weekend. Stay tuned for the next blog where I will share my experience on a healthy soup that I will try to make this weekend.

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