Are You Ready For the Fall?

Hi There! I know it that the temperature is still in the 90s here in the east coast. However, summer is almost over and kids are ready to head back to school and college students are ready to head to their fall semester. All you ready to embrace the fall season fashion wise. I know I am. It is know that easy. I will tell you all you need to prepare for the fall season to look trendy and embrace the season with head on in style. I went through the latest issue of Vogue, Elle, Glamour just find the fun fall fashion for you.

Blazer: First of all, blazer adds a polished to any look to fall wardrobe. I love wearing blazer with blazer during this season whether during the weekend with my jeans or with my dress or pants at work. So just take out your favorite blazer from your closet and you can dress up or down depending on the day. If you don’t have one. Shopstyle editors hand picked some for you.


Bling: If you thought bling is gone you are wrong. Bling has come back this year. The sparkly jewelry has made a comeback this year. Hence, if you are a fan of this feminine trend then what are you waiting for? Go crazy, bring your inner bling out this fall.

Shoe: This fall, the shoes that will be quite hot is going to be is loafer heels. Boy, I for once am so happy to see that trend coming back this year with my weak metatarsal bones. Therefore, if you have not stacked up on these babies, get yourself loafer and you will be all set for the fall.

High-waisted pants: High-waisted pants is making a comeback this fall. I for one love this. This is because pants with waistline well above the belly buttons not only make your legs looks long and lean but also make your mid section looks small, and you can sign me up for that any time.

Flares: Did you throw away your flares from few years back? If the answer is no, then you are in luck. According to Glamour magazine, flare is one of Fall 2015’s most wearable fashion trends. So, take out your flares out of the back of your closet and put on your flares. Don’t forget to elongate your legs with heels or wedges.

Neons: Just like the 70s flares, the 80s neons are hitting the streets this fall. However, we are embracing this new trend in a more sophisticated way with neutral tone such as gray, black, navy or camel.

Shearling: According to the Glamour magazine, shearling coats are making a big comeback this year. I am so glad I did not give mine away. Whether long, oversized, cropped or vest your wear yours the way you love.

Sequins: According the September issue of the Vogue magazine, sequin is one fun trend to be enjoyed in fall. Here, we are talking about title sequin and as mentioned by vogue, this “cascading high-wattage pillettes reveal a new breed of disco dream girl.

Plaid: Plaid is another hot trend for fall both according to Elle and Vogue. It gives a crisps look. You can find your look in places at easy as Target. To check out other plaid trends check out Vogue.

Neutral Lipstick: As I have mention in my previous blog, with all the fun fashion trends of neon, sequins, and blings go with a more neutral lipstick this fall. Keep it simple yet elegant.

These are some of the trends I thought I found to be fun from the fall trend. With everything fun coming this fall in terms of fashion, I hope you are as excited as I am. You don’t need to spend much to be in top to the current fashion trend. There is so much bargains and deals out there. You can get the same trends in places such as Target, H&M. I have seen so much sales even at The Limited , New York & Company and even Macys.  Hope you enjoy reading this blog as much I have enjoyed writing it. Don’t forget to follow me at instagram @allaboutme3181. or visit my Facebook page.

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