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With just two days left for the holidays, I know the ladies you have worked hard to get ready preparing for the holidays and the party. Now it’s time to take care of yourselves, the dress, the makeups. Today, this blog is dedicated just for you because you deserve it. I am by no means experts in beauty or make-ups. I will bring today what I have come across through process of elimination through my own personal experience. Since, I have started using my new make-up regiment since last August, I have been getting non-stop complements on my make-ups because I keep my make-up simple, and today I want to share that step by step secret with you. Again, I am not promoting any particular product. I am just reporting what has worked for me. Perhaps something else will work for you. If you have a great alternative please share in your comments and we would love to hear it. I will also share some great holiday fashion that came across in Vogue magazine. Happy reading.

The first step before any make-up regiment, I always wash my face with my usual regiments and use my Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner.  I then use my usual moisturizing regiment.

For the fist step of make-up, I use the Sephora Photo Finish More Than Primer – Blemish ControlIt can be layered under foundation without the worry of breakouts. It’s parabens, sulphate, and phthalates free. I follow the primer with a very light layer of Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream. After my trip to the very windy and cold city of Chicago my face broke out in enormous blisters and acne with resulted in bad scars as a result I have to take extra precaution on myvery sensitive skin when comes to skincare. You probably don’t have to use this. However, I love this product it because it give my skin extra layer of protection and during weekends when I don’t feel like wearing foundation, I just wear this and I am good to go.

I next wear the NARS Radiant Cream Concealer underneath my eyes to cover my dark circles. Ladies, here I have to share a secret with you. In order to get rid of the crease with the concealer underneath your eyes, the trick is to mix the concealer with your eye cream. It works for me all the time. I put dabs of eyes creams and dabs of the concealer under by eyes and mix and walla perfect under eyes.  I then hide rest of my blemishes and scars with NARS concealer. The best thing about both of these concealers is that they come in make shades so there is a shade for every skin tones.

Once I cover all the flaws, I use Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Face Powder . I like this powder make-up because they are faster to use and less time consuming. More0ver, this is parabens free baked foundation which I prefer for my skin. However, when I am taking my time and what to use liquid make-up I use Sephora 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation. This is a parabens free, oil free foundation which comes in my exact skin tone and provides great coverage.

Once foundation is done is now, time to contour and highlight the face. This is where we get to bring out the best features of our face. I use products here. I came up with these products after few experimentation and recommendations from family and friends. I first use the Anastasia Beverly Hills  Contour Kit to contour and highlight my face. What I like about buying directly from the Beverly Hills Anastasia site is that I was able to custom make my own contour kit based on my own skin tone. After contouring, I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush. The best thing about this blush is that is that it’s a baked nude blush that has buildable coverage. I use one last highlighter on my face that I absolutely love is the Benefit High Beam highlighter. I tap a little around my eyes and cheekbones and the result is fabulous giving me a luminous but never frosty or greasy look, it enhances coverage by bouncing light off the face. I use it high on cheeks after blush, I use it in in dark area by eyes, high part of nose and I use a tiny dot on bottom and top middle of lip for added fullness effect. A little goes a long way. I heard some people mixing it with their liquid foundation and got even better result.

Once done with my face I then handle my eyes. To be honest, I don’t have the best eye brows hence I have to take extra care of it. However, one thing that I do have it that I do have a good shape, according eye brow person I used to go to,  and I try to take advantage of that. I don’t draw my eyebrow with pencil because that lead to more eye brows falling. I use the Make Up Forever Aqua Brow cream to draw my eyebrow along my natural eyebrow shape to enhance my eyebrow. I will share another trick with you here. I use mascara wand to brush my brows before and after applying the cream. It makes my brows looks naturally full and when I apply the cream it looks more natural. You can by the wand at your local beauty supply store or at Amazon. Also, I never buy the black color. Always get the same color as the color of natural hair color. Since, my hair is dark brown that’s the color I get. Since I started doing that and filling my eyebrows, everyone I met told that I have the most beautiful I brows, which is a great complement for me. I add Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Waterproofing Gel on top of the brow cream even though the cream is waterproof for extra protection.


Then depending on the occasion I wear my eye make-up and lipstick. Just remember to use light eye shadow underneath the arches of the brows to define the brows. However, I always end my make-up the same way. I always set my make up by using the Make For Ever HD Pressed Powder. It’s a clear powder that softens the appearance of fine lines and pores. I then finish the look by using Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Make Up Setting Spray. It keeps makeup looking just-applied for up to 16 hours. I cover my eyes with my hand and just am completely dependent on this product.


With Make Up done, I now want to share the holiday style features in this years Vogue magazine. Here, I found a similar H&M Sequin Jacket for $59.95. I found this wonderful dress that goes well with the jacket too that just cost $69.95 at H&M for you guys, or you can wear the dress by itself.

This beautiful dress from Ann Taylor Jeweled Shift Dress is also featured in this month’s Vogue’s issue is on sale for $149.99. You can additional 50% off with code WINTER50.

As for me I like to wear something simple but but elegant at the same time. That’s I love wearing my long green long with velvet circle’s it. It look’s absolutely amazing. It’s one of a kind because it’s handmade and I get complements from everyone. I accessorize the dress with my Amrita Singh Reversible Bib Necklace and I am good to go. Ladies, I hope you are all ready to pamper yourselves this holiday after all the hard works. I look forward to hearing you version of holiday make-up and fashion tips. Enjoy.

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