Kitchen Decor: From Meh to Yeah

Hi there my lovelies home you all are doing well and staying safe. Have you looked at your kitchen and just said meh. I myself has that same problem until I saw this beautiful store in Etsy. I have seen a lot of DYI projects but I am not a crafty person with wood, I paint but am not good with wood.

I went online and ordered a wood stove top cover through Sawyer Custom Crafts . I chose a custom stove top and I thought it was it. What made me amazed how much Mr. Rick kept in touch with me regarding the progress of the order. He always kept me in the loop. I have worked with so many sellers in my life but never someone as kind and responsive as Mr. Rick. Right after the placement of the order, Mr. Rick contacted me regarding the design I wanted. He asked for specific measure in order to make sure it fits properly.

He sent me pictures along the way, and kept me informed. I cannot tell you how reassuring it was. When I received the item I was very much impressed. I loved the product I received and I am forever grateful to Mr. Rick for the beautiful final product and exceptional customer service.

My dear lovelies! If you like what you see and want to help out a small business, please check out the Sawyer Custom Crafts in Esty. Just use promo code SAWYER27 to receive 10% discount on your order. I am not affiliated the store, nor am I getting paid to promote them. I just wanted to share with you the beautiful experience I had thanks to Mr. Rick and Sawyer Custom Crafts.

Hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed sharing my wonderful experience with you. I would love to hear if you had similar experience from a seller. During this time of uncertainty, it’s really nice to see the attention and care some people take in their work, and that reflects on their product.

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