How to Flatten the Mommy Tummy With Just One 10-Minutes Exercise A Day.

Hi there my  beautiful lovelies! Hope you are doing well and staying safe. This post is for all my lovelies with newborn. Fourteen percent of mothers suffer from abdominal separation or diastasis recti. Today, i will share with you a exercise that I found in NPR to lose 2 inches of your waist in just three weeks with just 10 minutes exercise a day.

All you have to do is sit on the floor cross legged. Relax the shoulders. We will do this with a sense of compassion towards ourselves without any form of judgement. Put your hands on your belly. Once ready take a deep breath as you inhale let the belly fully expand. Now as you exhale, suck your belly buttons back as far as you can, all the way back to the spine. Now hold in this position. While in this position, take little tiny breaths, and when exhale during the tiny breaths, you squeeze your tummy tighter and tighter. With each tiny breath, pull your belly buttons back as further and further into the spine. Very small, very intense, very tight squeeze.  Do this for ten minutes.

Do this ten minutes exercise everyday, and watch your waste get two inches smaller in three weeks.

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