Do This Every Day for a Zenful Life


Hi there my lovelies! Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. Have stopped during your day just to take in your surrounding? It might sound crazy but in our daily machine-like lives, we spend majority of the time running and working like bunch of machines set out everyday to complete day-to-day jobs. However, if we just take a moment to just take in our surrounding, we can all create fulfilling lives for ours. My friends! We just need to do one thing everyday to leave a healthier life: breathe.


I have mentioned in my previous post, how deep breathing helped me acknowledge my anxiety and let me become more relaxed and grounded. Breathing is a very powerful mechanism that will help us find zen in our life. So, let us all take the initiative to give ourselves room to breathe, take deep breathe every day. Take your time just to take deep breathe during each of the following situation:


  1. When you wake up in the morning. It will kick start your day fresh and ready to thrive.
  2. When you are tensed take a deep breathe. It will relax you.
  3. When you are moving too fast and unable to focus, breathe. It will bring you back to the present.
  4. When you are angry, take a deep breathe. It will help you become grounded and prevent you from anything that you will regret later.
  5. When you are with your loved ones, take a deep breathe. I will help you take in the moment and capture it in our heart.


My dear lovelies! Life is fleeting by fast. Let us all take deep moments to capture the various moments in life. After all, moments don’t last long.

I would love to hear your daily ritual to find zen in your life. What works for you or doesn’t work for you? Please share.

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