Style of the Day with Split Hem Dress


Hi there! Happy Saturday, Christmas eve, first day of Hanukkah to all my lovely and wonderful readers out there. I had a wonderful day so far. l took my own advise and spent the day living by the moment. I had my favorite Starbucks Peppermint Mocha with cheese danish, followed by doing some last minute shopping, a nice manicure with my sister, family lunch at Red Lobsters. There, l tried experiencing mindful eating with my Bahama Mama. Boy, it never tested so good.



Bahama Mama

I returned home just to find out that my heating system froze on me and due to the holidays, I may not have a working heater until next Tuesday. Nonetheless, I am leaving in the moment and it’s kind of wonderful. l have my family surrounding me. l am following our Christmas tradition. We binge watch Christmas movies on Christmas movies. Now, I am sharing my thoughts with the most wonderful people. So, cold you cannot defeat me today I am warmed up by enjoying the moment.

My lovely readers, today I thought that I will share my outfit of the day. It was a dreary, cold and rainy day, and I spent it my way, in style.



Coeur de Vague Black V-Neck Split Hem Dress ($29): This is a crossover slit falls from the left hip to the right hem, providing freedom of movement and double the style for it can be worn zipped up as a dress or unzipped as a shirt. I actually like wearing it unzipped for that edgy look. You know there is a saying about black dress, it makes you look thin.


Worthington Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater at JC Penney (on sale for $19.99): The formerly frumpy piece is now totally chic (and warm). Due to the cold weather outside l wore the dress with a body hugging, black turtleneck sweater underneath. l love how adding the turtleneck turned this outfit edgy and chic.



Forever 21

Eva Longoria Faux Leather Pants (on sale for $49 at the Limited): I actually love this pant. l got them during the Black Friday sale. l love how breathable and stretchable it is. Most of all, it looks amazing. I am so glad that I did because this beautiful pant is currently sold out. You can get a more affordable version at Forever 21 for only $24.50. I actually like the NYDJ version available at Bloomingdales on sale for $110.68. Get your favorite Version and give your on outfit an extra edge.


Complete the look with a pair of your favorite boots. l wore a pair of stylish outfit that I got from Zulily a while ago. l love these rainboots because how stylish they look, but you can wear your favorite, stylish pair.

My favorite, wonderful readers it was my absolute pleasure sharing my experience with you. l love wearing something comfortable but chic at the sometime. l am wearing my cozy sweater sitting under the comforter and enjoying the moment.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I loved writing it. May you have a wonderful and warm Christmas and Hanukkah with your loved ones. Remember, enjoy the moments and your experience will be even more magical.

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Chic Fall 2015 Work Lookbook in Budget

Hi There! Now that we figured out how to style in budget, I asked myself why can’t we do the same for our work wardrobe? I asked was reading an article in Who What Wear showing some of the chic Fall 2015 work lookbook. I for one, thought they were little too expensive for me. Therefore, I went online and went to the same places, yes I am talking about H&M and Forever 21, and started looking for inspiration. I will now share with my findings. I hope you will find my findings helpful. My findings were inspired by the Who What Wear article.

hmdressedpantH&M Suit Pants ($30) hmjacketH&M Crepe Jacket ($35)

The above outfit is chic and the handbag is versatile. Structured handbag is also the trend of this fall. This outfit is much more affordable than the Who Wear What Mango outfits and it will not break your wallet. You can pair the outfit with ankle boot which will make it more chic.

H&M Wide-cut Jersey Top ($10)hmtop H&M Suit Pant ($25)
H&M Weave Coat ($60)hmweave coat

The above outfit gives you the style you need at a reason and affordable price, under $100. Moreover, it will keep you warm during the cold fall days. You can pair the outfit with H&M handbag, shown in the first outfit. This style is not only styling but chic and affordable as well. You can save even more if you decide to pair this outfit with the same pants from the first outfit.

One thing I love about the above outfit is the unique design, and it cost less than $30. I myself would pair it with a contrasting tank underneath, opaque tights, and ankle boots for my fashion style. However, you can style it with ankle boot. The above outfit is fun and chic as well, and it is very affordable.

The above outfit is chic and the loafer is versatile. This outfit is much more affordable than the Who Wear What Mango outfits and it will not break your wallet. Additionally, both loafers and white pants are trendy this fall and you are going to look chic at work under $100. You can pair the outfit with the versatile and structured H&M handbag.

The above outfit gives you the style you need at a reason and affordable price, under $75. It will also look great with the black layered crepe mock neck top ($18) from yesterday’s blog. You can pair it with a long boot that is perfect for the fall season. I myself would pair mine with a mock-neck dolman top ($20) and long boots. Again, this outfit is not only chic and stylish but it is also affordable.

Last but not least, you can pair the above outfit with H&M Suit Pant ($25) and the black handbag and you got yourself a chic work outfit that will you keep you warm during the cold days. The coat is of neutral camel tone that is always trendy and chic. Pair the outfit with black boots and wallah you are all set. I hope you enjoy this blog as much I enjoyed writing them for you. I would love to hear about your trendy and affordable chic work lookbook.

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Style in a Budget

Hi There! Hope you had a great weekend. Like me, you guys might be worried about the current economics condition of our country. I for one, don’t want to let that impact my sense of fashion. Hence, I spent some time online, looking at places like Forever 21 and H&M to do some homework to see how can I keep my sense of fashion in budget. This is what I have so far. Let me know, if you have creative ideas that you would like to share.

H&M Sleeveless turtleneck Top ($10)hmprod H&M Flared High Jeans ($50)hmprod (1) H&M Denim Jacket ($30)H&M Denim Jacket ($29.99)

The above outfit gives you the style you need at a reason and affordable price. I have mention in a previous blog, stripes, high-waisted pants, and flares are going to be a major major trends this fall, and you can show off great fashion trends with breaking your wallets.

The above outfit is not only fun and cost just little over $50. I for one find this style fun and affordable. I love it’s retro look of the side slit top. The high-waisted flare jeans are is hot right now and it cost less then $30.

The above outfit is not only fun and cost under $50. The top has a fun layered look contrasted by the frayed chevron-pattern of the skirt. The outfit is fun and is affordable at the same time.

The above outfit cost under $50. The top is stripped with fun with off-the-shoulder top and pairing with jogging style pants with patched pockets. You pair it with a nice heels and wallah, you a wonderful stylish outfit that will not break your wallet.

Last but not least is the striped-trim ribbed dress which cost only $25. You are dress it up with heels or down with sneakers. I had a great time finding these fashion trends under budget for you guys and I hope enjoy it. I would love hear about your budget fashion styles. As for me, due to my Muslim upbringing, I would wear a black T-shirt under the mock neck side-slide top, like the textured knit crop top ($5). I would pair my chevron patterned skirt with embroidered lace boxy top ($18). I would pair the jogging style pants with jersey top in natural white stripe ($10).  Finally I would add some color to my dress with organic cotton-blend legging in chestnut ($6). Hence, there is budget fashion for every style. I would love to hear about your budget fashion find.

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