Medium Post Four: Poem By Sarnina (Two)

I am an artist using, using my artwork as an outlet to let my ADHD self free. It also allows me to use my right brain, a key component to mindful living and being self-aware. Just as paintings are my outlets, poems are my sister’s outlet to let her dyslexics self run free. With her permission, I am sharing one such poem. Please show her the same support you have shown me.

This poem is dedicated to the one person who was her friend, mentor, confidant, and guardian angel. With his passing, she lost her best friend, mentor, confidant, and guardian angel. Hope you can feel the same grief in this poem, as I do. In her poem, she pours her heart out, one thing that is hard for her to do due to her dyslexia. Hope you will be able to connect with her emotion through her poems. She wrote this poem dedicating to our grandpa just a few days before the death of our grandma nine years ago

Frozen In TIme2

In this poem, I can feel the raw emotion that my sister is usually unable to express verbally.  Through these poems, I want to make sure that others can see the same raw emotions that I can see. I hope you can connect to her through her poems. What kind of emotions are you feeling in this poem? What emotions can you connect to, through this poem? I am using my own drawing to portray the emotion that I felt while reading this poem.

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Thank you2

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