Mindful Afternoon – No More Midday Slump

Good Afternoon,

“When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace and love.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

After a busy morning, I settle on my desk, people lazy and drowsy this afternoon. The tryptophan and serotonin from my lunch is competing forcing me to doze of. My eyes are telling me to let go and give in to the demands of the neurotransmitter. My brain is clouded by a thick fog. I can’t see I can’t focus through the haziness of the thick fog. My body is craving for a mid-day pick me up to clear the haze. I take a few deep breaths with with my eyes closed. Now, I am ready.


The blazing midday sun shining brightly on my face. I look out the window of see the shimmering in the heat of the midday sun. The sunlit buildings across me, are piercing the clear blue sky and inviting me to join them in bathing in the warm light of the sun. The small pecks of dust mites are dancing in the warm sunlight, slanting through the window. The harmony of the scorching sunlight and the specks are dancing together like shimmering diamonds, and asking for my attention. I look out to watch the fluffy white clouds drift lazily in the gentle breeze.

I join the party with long deep breath followed by short spurts of exhalation. Now, we have a harmonious symphony of rhythm. I have a deep breath and lift my heals. Now my mind choice the rhythmic symphony as I rock up and down for 5 breaths. With these steps I invite my body to join the chorus. My spine moves side-to-side. What an invigorating experience!!!

I take a deep breath and reach my arm to a “T” position. With my inhalation I reach my right arm overhead and sway to the left. I take another breath and bring back my arms back to the “T”. Exhale and sway to right. I continue the rhythmic dance for 5 breaths. I finally end the dance number with a side twist. My body is relax my mind is relaxed and I am energized.

I now close my eyes and let my senses take over. I take few deep breaths with my feet on the ground. I hear the quietness of my surrounding and the sensations of my body. I focus on the bright sun warming my body, my heart beating as the drum beats to the symphony of the sparking specks and the shimmering sunlight. Now my sense of smell, sound, and touch is leading the orchestra. I surrender myself to the senses as I take long breaths.

I am now grounded and energized. Our breaths are always happening in the present moment, always in our bodies. They can act as anchors that can bring us back from our thinking about the past or the future.

I tell myself, “I am here now, I am here”. I get up and take a short 5-minutes walk to continue the practice of being grounded. I am ready to listen, to the blazing midday sun shimmering in the bright blue sky, and sparkling in the horizon. I am taking in the strong golden glow of the sun over the buildings and roads, captivated by the beauty and radiance.

My mind is clear, my body is energized by the afternoon sun, ready to shine and complete the essentials tasks a head. I am read. It’s great time to start with gratefulness, positive thoughts and planning to make it right. Good Afternoon!!!

How do you get over your afternoon slump? Do you have any afternoon rituals that you follow? I look forward to your comments.

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