Loss of a Loved One

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Hi there my loveliness! Hope you are doing well. I know I have away from blogging for the past two months. This is because I watched one of my close family members lose her battle with cancer. My family member got diagnosed with last stage lung cancer that has metastasized all over her brain. She passed away within five months living two young adult children. I did not even have a chance to say proper good bye.

My dear friends, I have lost 4 family members to this disease. This loss reassured me that life is way too short. Don’t hold grudge against anyone. Live for today. If want to do something don’t set it aside for tomorrow or later. When you are at home, hug your loved ones a little tighter. Let them know how much you love them. Most of all, take care of yourself, your health.

Thank you for continuing to support my me while my family and I was dealing with tragic lose to cancer. I love you all.

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