All that Glitters is Gold


Hi there my lovelies! Happy Hump Day to everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday so far. Today, I want to talk to you about my latest haul away from Mac Cosmetics.

Description: My latest Mac Cosmetics haul away includes three items, two of which are currently sold out. As a Mac Select customer, I had a choice of two samples. The three items include: the Stripped Naked Lip Kit in Whirl, Dazzle Shadow X 4: The Shining Hour, and Mac Lipstick in Model Behavior.

Stripped Naked Lip Kit in Whirl ($29): Mac Cosmetics is known for its highly pigmented and bold lip colors. However, now for those nude lip color lovers, Mac has come up with the nude duo kit. This kit comes with a lipstick and lip pencil. What is different about this kit is that the lip pencil is slightly darker than the lipstick in order to create a more fuller look with a 3D effect. As always, I really love this kit and highly recommend it. However, unfortunately, due to high demand, the kit is currently sold out.

Dazzle Shadow X 4-The Shining Hour ($32): Who said that all that glitter is not gold? This palette contains four sparkling shades: burgundy with teal, pink, gold, and sparkling white. I absolutely love this palette. I just spray a little liquid primer on my brush before dipping it into the pan and it lasts all day. The colors more gorgeous in person, and I am glad that I ordered them before they sold out, because this palette is worth every penny.

Mac Lipstick in Model Behavior ($17): Finally, Model Behavior is a bold color. Since I received this lipstick, I received a lot of compliments and my mom has been wanting this lipstick from me since she saw the shade on my lip. I really this lipstick. It goes it smoothly and lasts a long time.

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