Get Rid of the Pesky Oily Residue from Your Powdered Makeup


Hi there lovelies! Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. Have ever had to deal with pesky oily residues ruining your powered foundation and eyeshadow? I know I have. Which of the following methods have you used to get rid of pesky oily residue from your powered makeup?

It oily residue houses scores of bacteria and makes the powered makeup (whether foundation or eyeshadow) almost useless. If you have used a knife to scrape off the oily part, it leaves a whole in the area and wastes a lot of the product.  However, there a simple DIY way to get rid of the oily residue just using common office supply: yes I am talking about tape.

Just use tape to get off those pesky little oily residues and you will able to use them again without the worry of bacteria filled oily residue covered your powered makeup. Additionally, you don’t have to waste makeup product by scraping the oily part off with a knife.

As you can see from the picture above tape will get rid of the oily residues in just minutes and you will not waste any of your makeup products. Was this DYI tip helpful to you or will recommend this DYI tip to others?

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