Paradise Plaza Inn – Hindrance To Mindfulness

Hi there my beautiful lovelies! Hope you guys are doing well and staying safe. Today I want to talk to you about my recent stay in Paradise Plaza Inn and how it hinders a mindful travel. Paradise Plaza Inn – Hindrance To Mindfulness

Mindful Travel

Mindful travel is a phrase that is becoming increasingly common. So, what is mindful travel? Mindful travel is an approach to travel — and to life — that is more aware of the impact our travels and our decisions have on the environment and on local communities. As exploringwild website calls it, mindful travel is the art oft Traveling gently and authentically. It increasing our awareness of the vivid beauty of the new surrounding and anchors us to the moment around us. Perhaps you can still recall the beautiful smell of the local food or the vastness of the beautiful surroundings from you favorite vacation.

Hindrance to Mindfulness

Paradise Plaza Inn - Hindrance To Mindfulness

It done correctly a conscious travel can help you hear your inner voice. However, there are always things and places that can hinder that process. Paradise Plaza Inn in Ocean City Maryland is one such hindrance. Don’t get me wrong, this place wasn’t as bad few years ago or perhaps my mind less conscious about my travel then. I booked my trip with this hotel because it’s oceanfront view of the Ocean City Boardwalk. After more than two years of no travel, I was more open to travel mindfully. I am not against small local business. In fact, I have spent many days in local hotels just to step away from the home-bound COVID environment while taking all the precautions.

That being said everything about this hotel distracted me enjoy the moment. The tiny balcony had pool of water and what looked like to me was moldy. The all the faucets were leaky. The balcony sliding door wouldn’t lock. What made this hotel equally awful was the unfriendly staff and the high price of $500 per night. Even hotels in beautiful hotels Orlando and Miami is not that expensive. They didn’t provide water or tea. All those things constantly distracted me from fully engulfing the beautiful ocean view. While I was inside the hotel room I was staring at my phone—practicing the complete opposite of mindful travel.

If you want to enjoy more mindful moment during your vacation, please avoid hotels like Paradise Plaza Inn. Don’t be lured by the hype of oceanfront balcony. It’s just not worth it. However, I did take the conscious effort to practice mindfully. Stay tuned for upcoming post on Ocean City Maryland and My Mindful Travel Experience. One thing for sure, next time I am in Ocean City, which I will be, I will avoid Paradise Plaza Inn.

My dear lovelies! Did you have a awful hotel experience? Please let me know about your experience with comment below.

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