How My Spiritual Beliefs and Meditation Came to My Rescue



Hi there my beautiful lovelies! Hope you guys are doing well and staying safe. Today I want to share with you the importance of spiritual beliefs and meditation in my life.

Spiritual and Focused & Mindfulness Meditation:

Past week my mom was in the hospital with infection in her blood. Her underlying lung disease and immunosuppressant medications have her very susceptible to infection which has a high probability taking in turn for the worse. My heartrate in the high 120s and 130s told me how stressed I was. Additionally, the anxiety of the outcome of the election, on top of everything else, made me particularly vulnerable to anxiety and uncontrollable stress.

However, during this time of hardship and constant anxiety, my spiritual beliefs, and meditation, came to my rescue. They gave me feelings of optimism towards the future, and get back to the present moment. As you know, I already rely on meditation a lot for intentional living and the past week, spiritual meditation has been an added comport during times of distress.

My Experience Allowed Me to Feel A Special Connection:

The reason I am bringing this up is due to the current health and humanitarian crisis of coronavirus. Over 241,000 individuals have died from COVID-19, and over 10.4 million are infected with the virus. The past week, all I could think of are the over 241,000 families who lost loved one and over 10.4 million who witched their loved ones deal to the pandemic first hand. For the first time, in months, I was succumbed by overwhelming grief and anxiety. I never felt so close to these over 10.4 million families than I felt last week.

Nevertheless, when meditation alone was not addressing my distress, I turned to spiritual healing. Meditation allowed me to acknowledge the stressors but I needed more to be the support for my mom that she needed to fight for her life. I believe in God but I don’t see myself as a very religious person. However, I relied heavily on spiritual guidance. I started praying everyday and such spiritual meditation has given me hope and the strength to go on. It also strengthened my beliefs to help my mom and deal with the anxiety of the election.

How My Experience Helped My Mom?

My dear lovelies! As I have mentioned in previous post, there are various types of meditation and there is not one right or wrong way to meditate. I relied lot more on meditative music, and praying (spiritual meditation) this time around that made all the difference. My new found strength not only helped me but my mom as well. Every time, she her oxygen level dropped, even with supplemental oxygen, meditation came to the rescue, which lowered her high respiration rate (number of breathing per minute) and helped her find comfort.

Music has many wonderful benefits for stress management and overall health. It can help you calm your physiology without making a conscious effort, and that can alleviate stress from your mind. Music can also lift your mood, slow your breathing, and create other stress-inducing changes. I certainly experienced those benefits myself.


My mom is at home now and relies a lot on spiritual and guided meditations. I have to thank meditation for that, whether in form of guided meditation or spiritual meditation in form of praying. In conclusion, my recent encounter with family crisis and national political turmoil was very educational, as I have learned to address both through both focused and mindfulness meditations and spiritual meditation.


Have you reached a similar crossroad in your own life. If yes, what did you do to overcome your stressors? Please respond in the comment section below.

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