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Hi there my beautiful lovelies! Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. Today I will give a short update on the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Johns Hopkins’s University, 19.5 million people has been infected with this corona virus globally, of whom 723,693 have succumbed to the virus.


In the United States alone, close to 5 million people have been infected with COVID-19, and over 160,000 people has died. There are people who question mask use and its efficacy, but the science is clear. Mask will protect you and your loved ones from contracting and dying from COVID-19. It is the seat-belt of your life.


New projection data suggest that as much as 300,000 people will die from COVID-19 by the end of the year. Imagine this, those 300,000 are someone wives, husbands, partners, siblings, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren. Imagine your loved ones among those. I know it is extremely hard to imagine. Even has a public health professional it is hard for me to think that way.

However, my dear lovelies! This can happen and has happened to me. Not too long ago, my aunt was diagnosed with COVID-19, along with my pregnant cousins, my toddler niece. Those my cousins, and niece has been lucky to only have minor symptoms, my aunt with many pre-existing conditions, landed in the ICU. Now imagine, you are suffering from COVID-19, unable to breath and all hospitals are rejecting to admit you. This is exactly what’s happening in Bangladesh. People are being turned away because of the fear of transmission of the virus and left to die without treatment. Only the privileged few get the treatment because they have the political and economical power. How do I know? I have family members in Bangladesh, both in privileged and unprivileged category. My aunt was among those privileged who got added to ICU and put on ventilator for two months. She survived and is very weak, dependent on oxygen for breathing.


My dear lovelies! New studies have shown that if we all just wear our mask, we can save 70,000 people from dying from COVID-19. Yes, I am saying 70,000 people. That’s 70,000 parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, spouses, partner, loved ones. If you had the power of saying 70,000 lives wouldn’t you do that? We all have our freedom, but freedom that lead to the mass death of people is not freedom, it’s negligence. If we all just use our will power, to accept the situation and follow the public health measures to protect and save lives.

I will end with one thing. Please wear mask and social distance. COVID-19 is not being over-exaggerated for political reason, or due to increased testing. These are actual numbers, because the number of hospitalizations has increased and number of death has increased. You have the power to save 70,000 lives. Just as you wear your seat-belt every time you drive, wear mask. You have freedom to run around naked, but will you do it? There is some basic common sense. If you are doing everything on your power to protect you and your loved ones, just stay away from those who refuse to do the same. You have the power. Please wear mask, social distance, wash your hands often, do not touch your face. I pray everyday that we overcome this pandemic soon, and we all are safe and healthy.

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