CAVA Greek Mediterranean Grill

Hi there my lovelies! Hope you are doing well. Today I am writing to talk to you about of my favorite palaces that opened up near my house, known as CAVA Greek Mediterranean Grill.

It is a fast-casual spot that spun off of a more upscale Greek restaurant in Washington, D.C. It delivers the kind of chef-driven culture and clean, high-quality sourcing that you would expect at a sit-down place. My first introduction to this happened in Columbia Heights, DC. It was love at first bite. I have gone to that place many times.

When I completely moved to Gaithersburg MD, I always missed it’s build-a-meal concept of ($7.75 to $8.85) starting with a pita or a choice of healthy bases including brown rice, black lentils, organic arugula or is called “SuperGreens, which is a tasty salad mix of raw kale, arugula, and lettuce.

Their produce is sourced locally, primarily from farms using organic practices. You have a choice of up to three spreads (made fresh daily) like citrusy organic hummus, creamy tzatziki, eggplant and red pepper dip and their addictive “crazy feta,” which is feta whipped with jalapeños. On top of that you can have roasted veggies or braised lamb or beef, spicy lamb meatball, crisp vegan falafel, succulent grass-fed lamb or beef braised with turmeric and coriander and grilled lemon-oregano chicken. All meats are antibiotic- and hormone-free.

Finally end with endless amount of toppings and dressings such as pickled banana peppers, crumbled feta, cauliflower quinoa tabbouleh, tomato crisps, and if you want some sumac radish. As for dressings nothing says yum then lemon herb tahini with sriracha greek yogurt.

At the end of this trip I know you will be coming for more. I thing that that did not empress me is their Strawberry Mint Lime drink. The mint flavor was overpowering and I just had to throw away my drink. My sister who just had a lemonade was not dissatisfied. Between Roti Mediterranean Grill and this one, CAVA by far success in satisfying your taste buds in a healthy way.

What other places do you recommend to people that elevates your tastes buds and yet is healthy. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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