Niagara Falls, ON CA: Last Day

Hi There My Lovelies! Hope you are doing well. Today I will wrap my review of my trip to Niagara Falls, ON. On the fourth and final day of Niagara Falls, ON.

We decided to ride to the top of the Skylon tower. It is the tallest total entertainment complex with two great dining rooms both overlooking the Falls, The Skylon Tower Summitt Suite Buffet Dining Room and the Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room.

The Skylon Tower features outside mounted ‘Yellow Bug’ elevators which at the time of the construction were the first of their kind. The elevators run all year round and are a fun route up to the fantastic observatory at the tip top of the Skylon. From the observatory deck you can see the most amazing views.

It was a surreal experience watching. After we took the yellow buggy elevator down we took some more pictures in front of the falls and went back to the hotel for the day.

My dear lovelies! Overall, it was a great trip that I will not forget. Only my guided tour of Toronto was a complete waste of money. Next time I will take a direct flight to Toronto. If you have gone to the Ontario side of Niagara Falls, I would love hear about your experience and any tips you have for me for the future.

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