Viseart Petit PRO Eyeshadow Palette

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Hi there my lovelies! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. As you know I am a big eyeshadow. Hence, when I first heard about Petit PRO palette from Viseart I had to try it out. However, it I had to place my name on the waitlist for months. Despite the long wait, I finally got hold of a palette for $30.

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Description: All Viseart Cosmetics are individually handmade in Paris, France, made of a blend of organic ingredients and modern technology to produce absolutely amazing pigmentation. The petit PRO palette is an eight-shade eyeshadow palette in versatile pigment-rich colors in matte, satin, and shimmer textures.

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Verdict: I knew the palette was small but did not know that it was credit card size palette. I guess that’s why it’s called petite. However, I wanted to try the much-coveted Viseart palette with breaking my bank. The pigment is still Viseart status so it’s amazing! It is a great size for travelers and you can pack luxury in your purse! The shadow is so soft. I am glad that I have waited to get this palette. Again, you will get small shadow pans, but they are so pigmented you won’t need a lot. I am not ecstatic about the size of the palette, but I really love that this most pigmented, blendable and softest palette that I have tried so far. Additionally, I can just carry it in my purse.

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    1. If you like the Renaissance palette from Abh the shades are similar but more vibrant and pigmented with more glittery shades. I just use it for travelling.

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