Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush: Does It Really Work?



Hi there my lovelies! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Today, I want to talk about a hair straightening brush that I have tried recently and give my honest opinion. I am talking about Foxybae Hair Straightening Brush. Hope this will help you decide if you really want to go for a straightening brush.


Description: I have told you before, I have stubborn thin and wavy hear. I have actually proud on my waves because I get quite compliments on them. However, what I hate is that no heating products can tame that wave. Hence I am always looking one that can straighten it without burning them. When I saw an only promotion to be able to buy this product for less than $50, when the actual price is $149.95 I took advantage of the offer, hoping it will work on hair. The brush actually looks quite luxurious and has a LED display and heats up to a safe 365°F in mere seconds (max temp of 232°C/450°F) simply brush your hair to distribute heat and straighten without damaging your tresses in the process. It automatically heats to 365°F. You can change the temperature up and down using the temperature control.

Verdict: Does this brush really work. My one-word response to this is “Meh”. I have seen YouTube review raving about Foxybae. I actually found the results with my Instyler much better. My hair is much shinier with the Instyler too. However, I do admit that did not fill the heat with this brush. With my Instyler, if I am not careful I will see smoke coming out of my hair. This is one thing that I really like about this brush that my hair doesn’t burn while styling. In conclusion, who I wasn’t impressed with the straitening part of the brush, I did like the part that it’s safer on my hair than other heating products. Overall, I don’t waste your money if you are looking for a straightening product that gives straitening, shine and volume. Go with the Instyler, which does all the three.

What is your favorite hair styling product that you would recommend? Please comment and let us know. I would really love to hear your feedback.

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