The Hypocrisy of Washington

Hi there my beautiful lovelies! Hope you guys are doing well and staying safe. Today, I want to update on COVID-19 and the hypocrisy of Washington leaders, and the current administration.

Coronavirus Update:


As of this moment, according Johns Hopkins University, 225,239 have died due to the coronavirus in the United States, and 8,636,995 Americans have been infected so far. Worldwide the number is 1,154,857 dead and 43,117,883 infection. As I have mentioned earlier, the US represent only 4% of the world’s population but over 20% of total COVID-19 infection worldwide.

I never thought in my life that the US will be in this situation compared to the rest of the world. For decades, we have warned about another pandemic but did not see the outcome to this extent as the one we are seeing so far. When did we become so complacent?

What is most amazing is that as, frontline essential and health workers sacrificing so much to keep everyone safe, the administration is ignoring the basic CDC and the Task Force recommendation. When did we become complacent to so much hypocrisy?

Washington Politics

As you have seen in the recent news that four of this administration’s inner circle have been infected with COVID-19, exposing the leaders to the virus. If we follow the basic CDC and the Task Force recommendation, if you come in contact with someone who has been infected with the coronavirus, you have to quarantine for at least 14 days. Nevertheless, we see the top of leaders of this administration holding a large rallies, and plan to hold more during the 8 days before the General Election of 2020.

Why is it that the current administration and Washington politicians are acting as if they are above everyone else in the United States? My dear lovelies! I try to focus on the big picture, not the politics of things. My focus has always been health, healthcare equity, and population health. Now, things I care about the most are put in jeopardy. Over quarter million Americans are dead and millions are infected with a deadly virus that do not look at politics, race, socioeconomic status or anything else for that matter. So, why does this nations coronavirus task force leader have little regards for the lives of its people?

Everyday, we see the current administration campaigning among large crowd, with little social distancing and blatant regard for the public health guidelines. I cannot imagine what the family of the quarter million Americans are going through.

Moreover, those who survived, many will have a lasting health impact on their health due to COVID-19. My aunt spent over two months in the ICU fighting for her life with ventilator. She was able to beat the virus, but at what cost? She needs to use supplemental oxygen all the time; her other organs are affected. I have also seen a relative loosing her life to the disease.

We know the cost of the pandemic or our daily lives, but we all are taking so much steps and making sacrifices to battle this pandemic and keep our loved ones safe. Why can’t the Washington leaders understand that and show a little sympathy and compassion? Why can’t they lead by example? What has the world has come to? There is a little regards from one another. Has the life of millions of people become dispensable?

My dear lovelies! I am not endorsing one party over another, but lives matter to me. I don’t support one over another, but as part of living with intension, I try to make every decision based on my core values, one of which my compassion for others. Their struggles matter.

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