How to Budget Like a Pro Every Month

Hi there my beautiful lovelies! Hope are doing well and staying safe. At the request of my YouTube channel viewer, I did a segment on how to budget like a pro every month.

As you know, I have ADHD, and it is quite easy for to get sidetracked, which can (in fact it had) have a detrimental impact on my finance. Hence, sticking to a strict budget every month not only helps me keep in track but also know what my finance looks like every month. As a data person, I love visual cues and using spreadsheet helps me visualize my financial situation and move accordingly. I am attaching the spreadsheet template that I use below so that you can use it to track my budget below.

Monthly Budget Template in Excel

Hope you find the template as useful as I found it to be. Please check out my YouTube video to find out detail information on how I use the Template each month to budget like a pro and stay in track financially. Hope you find the spreadsheet as helpful as I found it to be. Please let me know in the comment on how you stay on budget each month. I would love to know what tools do you use for budgeting. 

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