Intention to Gratitude – Meditation for Compassion


Hi there my beautiful lovelies! Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. Today I will share with you about setting intention to gratitude. Sankalpas, as intentions are known in yoga, are your heartfelt, intuitively sensed attitudes that unfold within you over time. They are powerful internal agreements that you make with yourself and then express through your actions, whether it’s in your relationships, at work, or on your yoga mat or meditation cushion. Hence, I have compiled a video of guided meditation with the voice of Sean Fargo of

The things for which we are grateful are vast. From lessons to people to the raw nature of the breath itself, we have much to be grateful for. This guided mindfulness meditation by Sean Fargo is an invitation to set intentions for living a full day with gratitude.


Through this meditation, we are guided to consider all the ways we can feel into our capacity for gratitude and how we might express it. Simply by setting the intention to be grateful, we will likely begin to see shifts in our experience, or at the very least, in our perception of our experience. Gratitude fills us with a sense of lightness and love, aligning us with the heart center at the core of our being. This is turn, will allow us to appreciate not only climbs but the journey itself.


We can set multiple intentions of gratitude, but we can also begin with something simple:

I will welcome this day with my open and grateful heart.


At any moment in the day, we can tune into the heart center to explore our present level of awareness. My grandfather used to always tell me that whenever I am in any dilemma to dig into the depth of my heart, because I will be able to hear God. I have always taken his words to my heart. Following those words have kept me going in life without regrets. I learned to be grateful.  In each moment, we can ask ourselves: what is within me that I must be grateful for? What can I appreciate about the natural world around me? What lessons have I learned today that will fuel my growth?


Regardless of whether we perceive the day to be ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ we can expand our field of vision by opening to our experience with a compassionate heart. The gate to human well-being and transformation swings open when we practice living with a grateful.


heart. When we find gratitude, we find freedom and love. This teaching and meditation invites you to gratitude. I hope it allows you to appreciate yourself and the contribution you have towards your journey. I will say the same thing that my grandpa always told me, when in doubt, just listened deep into your heart. There you will find your conscious, your guardian angel, God.


My dear lovelies! Please stay safe and I know together will overcome these tough times, because we are the people of the United States of America. United we can do and overcome anything.

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