Decision 2020: Vote Like Your Life Is Dependent On It Because It Is



My dear lovelies! Hope you guys are doing well and staying safe. Today I come to you with a heartfelt appeal. On November 3, 2020, all Americans will go to the pole to cast our votes for the 46th President of the United States. This is the most consequential election of our life. This week I hand-delivered my mail-in ballot to the post office in order to make sure it reaches its destination well before the deadline.

In 2016, we had two equally unlikeable candidates running for the presidency. People were frustrated and tired and wanted an outsider to bring change in our lives. I was saddened to hear that 25% of eligible Americans decided to sit at home during the last election.  There was so little enthusiasm among the left but record turnout of Trump’s supporters leading to his victory in the election even though he lost by 3 million popular votes.

What I learned from that election is that we cannot take any vote for granted and that every vote matters. I know of family and friends not getting out to vote because they were sure that Hillary would win and their vote wouldn’t matter. Boy, they were wrong. After the election in January 2017 millions of people peacefully marched on the streets of the US trying to voice their concerns. I was so proud but saddened at the same time. The biggest platform to voice our opinion is in the ballot box. Washington is a tone-deaf to peaceful protest. However, our votes will give a thousand roars, which Washington will not be able to ignore.

Over the past four years, America has seen the consequence of seating out during the 2016 election. Our decision that day, had a tremendous impact on our lives have been shaped: from Supreme Court nomination and racial and health injustices, to lower court choices, and the pandemic that has killed over 210,000 of Americans and infected over 7.4 million are infected. We are the world’s richest nation with 4% of the world’s population but 25% of its coronavirus cases. The United States has long prided itself as the world’s shining beacon. But its current status is a much darker one: the globe’s leader in coronavirus cases (CNN, June 30, 2020).

We are standing in the same place again four years later, with the biggest chance to use our voice. Four years ago our decision to stay silent had given a platform to White Supremacy and racial injustices. It has dramatically changed the dynamic of the Supreme Court. Additionally, we have lost over 210,000 Americans because our silence in November 2016 brought in an administrative to power, which cares less about the safety of its people but more about appearance. The actions of the past four years have made us an outcast to the rest of the world.

My dear lovelies! Think deep in your heart, and the faces of your loved ones, and ask yourself can you afford to put your and their lives in danger? Can you live is a country will less friends for support? On November 3rd, 2020 we will all have a chance to use our voice with a roar that can be heard for years to come. We don’t have to use any words but just vote.  No matter where you live and how you do it please vote. Please I am urging you to get your voice heard.

We can’t afford another four years of this chaos. Can you? Please vote as if your life depends on it because it does. We are now living in a nation at war with the most dangerous infectious disease in history with no clear path by the current administration. Think about your loved ones. A pre-existing condition is on the ballot this year.

My dear lovelies! This year, we can make it clear to Washington that if you care about or listen to us we vote you out. Let us make sure that Washington does not take us for granted anymore. No matter how you vote, mail-in or in-person, please get your voice heard by voting. Vote up and down the aisle. Click here ( to get all the information you need about voting in the election. Let us all rise up, rise up with a roar, and get our voice heard with our votes.

My dear lovelies! Please vote and mention in the comment below “I voted”.

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