Niagara Falls, ON CA: Day Three

Hi there my lovelies! Happy Fridays! Hope you are doing well. I know it has been a few days but I wanted to make I get it right. On the third day of our trip to Niagara Fall, we went to Toronto through a guided tour through AAA Taxi.

I called them months ago and they assured me that they know their way through the city and their drivers were very knowledgeable. I have been going through private tour services everywhere I travel, where the driver showed us around the major landmarks.

When I booked the tour of Toronto from Niagara Falls, ON, I made sure that I made it a point with one of the owners (female) that I have never been to Toronto and we needed a guided tour. She assured me that they will show me all the major attractions. They charged us almost $600 for 4 people for the whole day round trip. On the day of pick up, the guy picked us up and dropped us off to the CN tower area. There was the CN Tower, Aquarium, and the Rogers Stadium all in the same vicinity. We couldn’t go to the top of the CN tower since it was so busy so we decided to go to the aquarium instead. We were there one and a half hour and the guy called kept calling us saying he just wanted to make sure his phone is working. It was frustrating so we left and called him to pick us up. He then asked us to tell him where to take us next. When we explained to him the arrangement we made with the company, he said that it was up to us to tell him where to go. He then pulled out his phone and told us “here’s a list of attractions, choose few”. Unfortunately, all of them were hotels. At that time we realized that the driver did not know anything about Toronto. I googled some list and give him one, which was a park. He took us to the wrong end. When I gave my phone with the good direction he kept telling us that logically it didn’t make sense and took us to a dead end. We became so frustrated that we asked him to take us back to our hotel. Suffice to say, our overcompensated taxi ride ended with a just ride to the CN tower area. At points when we got out we saw the driver keep opening the front hood. He even kept turning off the A/C on us every few minutes on that hot and humid day.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. I called the company to speak with the owner. Instead of speaking to me, the lady used a middleman to say that I was complaining because they did not give me money for the ride to CN Tower. It is then I realized what kind of fraud and rip off company they are. If I can spend $600 for a tour I can’t spend $80 on rides? I am not cheap like them. I argue that they are cheap but I actually took 16 hours guided tour with breakfast for less. So I suggest don’t fall victim to scams like this. Go with a reputable company. I usually research before I book but I wanted to give this company a chance, which was the biggest mistake of my life. NEVER AGAIN.

Usually my review about great things in a trip, but I wanted to share some of the horrible experiences I had. Let me if anyone ever had a similar experience or know of any good guided tours at Toronto. I would love to hear from you.

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