Niagara Falls, ON CA: Day One

Hi there my lovelies! I hope you are doing well. We are officially in the Spring season right now but when headed out of the house it was in the 30s outside felt still like winter. I cannot wait till this weekend and the 70s. Summer is creeping up upon us and everyone must have some idea what they want to do for their summer this year. If you don’t let me tell one of my summer adventure from last year. We went on a five-day summer trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. Our adventures had lots of good sides but there were some disappointing sides as well. I will divide up my trip into several posts.

This is our second trip to Niagara Falls. The first time we visited the falls was four years ago on the American side. We were quite underwhelmed by the American side other than walk through the rainbow brid.

In order to get the best deals, I made the bookings months ahead. Additionally, as an American Express Hilton Honors reward member, I used my points to pay for my hotel at the Embassy Suites at Falls View and got free continental breakfast.

Once we entered the room at 28th floor, I was memorized by the breathtaking view of the Horseshoe Falls and its glorious rushing water splashing and gushing with now care in mind. I knew then that if nothing, I have the front-row seat to such spectacular view without the hassle of getting sunburned in the high humidity.

Nonetheless, after a brief rest and soaking in the breathtaking view, we had lunch at the IHOP at the Tower Hotel with the Falls view. The view was amazing for sure. However, the food was disappointing and mediocre at best with a bill 160 ca dollar for 4 people. What a waste!

After a disappointing meal, we took the local WEGO bus to Table Rock Welcome Center, just next to the Horseshoe Falls. During the sultry heat, the cool mist from the falls was a blessing in disguise. We headed north towards Niagara Parkway and went to Queens Victoria Park.

Queen’s Victoria Park:

Queen Victoria Park is the crown jewel of Niagara Parks and is the main area to go to view the majestic Niagara Falls. It’s landmarked by the Niagara escarpment, the Niagara Gorge, and the Niagara River, and features a prized collection of both indigenous and international flora for the world to enjoy. I loved the endless collection of roses. The scorching heat forced us to walk back to our hotel until the evening with torturing long inkling walk.

Oakes Garden Theatre:

In the evening, we one stop, that is to Oakes Garden Theatre, located n Niagara Falls Ontario Canada directly across from the American Falls. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery. The contour of the surreal landscape creates a cured pergola overlooking a central amphitheater. I was genuinely surprised to see such low foot traffic. However, that allowed me to take a moment to soak in the tranquility of the beautiful garden overlooking the beautiful American falls and forgot about the worries of the world.

After a long day and walk, we ended the day with a grand fireworks display from our hotel room.

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