Here’s How to Cover Every Type of Pimple | Allure


Hi There! Have you ever dealt with the pesky zits? Well Allure published this beautiful article about how to cover every type of pimples, whether they are the are the whiteheads, blackheads, oily zits, the very red ones and the haunted ones from the past. The experts from  from Allure share their expertise with us. Just remember the key to everything is hydration. Yes, you heard it right hydration even for the annoying oily ones.  Hope you enjoy the article.

The key to my pimple coverage is hydration, keeping the area clean, oil free liquid foundation, using the right amount of make up foundation, right color corrector and concealer. What are your weapons for covering those pesky pimples.

Source: Here’s How to Cover Every Type of Pimple | Allure